Reasons to consider moving to Long Island during the off season

Life on Long Island is wonderful, and we’ve compiled a list of our top reasons why you should be moving to Long Island during the off-season. Our list only has a few of the most important ones, but there are definitely many more reasons why people move to and enjoy living on Long Island! New York City is just a short distance away and you don’t have to feel like you’re living in a bustling city when you live on the island. If you take a look at the list below, you’ll realize why so many people select Long Island as a place to live, shop, vacation, and so much more! We at Tik Tok Moving & Storage are always here to help if you decide to move to this beautiful island.

Why you should consider moving to Long Island during the off-season?

If you want to avoid spending a lot of money on your move to Long Island, we highly suggest that you move outside of peak season. The off-season typically runs from October to May. The off-season is a great time to relocate if you have the luxury of choosing your own schedule. During the off-season, moving companies are more likely to be able to fit your relocation into their schedules. Additional advantages of moving off-season include:

  • Delivery times will be sped up due to less traffic.
  • When it comes to choosing a moving company, greater schedule freedom equals more choices.
  • Discounts and flexible price alternatives are more widely accessible.
  • Storage facilities are less expensive in the off-season.
  • During the off-season, real estate market expenses are among the lowest of the year.

    Black and red metal bridge with Long Island written on it
    Long Island is seeing significant growth in recent years.

Moving during the off-season may save families a substantial amount of money, as well as the headache of locating a moving company that is accessible. If you’re planning on relocating during the winter, there are a few more concerns you’ll need to take into account.

Top 10 reasons to move to Long Island

Long Island will welcome you with arms wide open even when you move during the off-season. You don’t have to worry about having a boring few months inside of your home because you moved in the winter. Although Long Island is famous for its beaches, there are many off-season activities as well. Plus, the beaches of Long Island are beautiful in the wintertime as well. Many people go ice skating there when the water freezes. If you need any help with your move, you can always contact moving companies Long Island. Without further ado, here are some of our top reasons why you should move to Long Island.

1. No matter where you live on Long Island, there is always a beach nearby!

There are several beaches to choose from, whether you love strolling down the boardwalk, catching waves, kicking back and resting in the sand, or making sandcastles with the kids. In the wintertime, the views from the beach are wonderful too. Wherever you go on the Island, you’re certain to stumble across a beach, whether it’s Jones Beach or a smaller, more local beach.

2. New York City is just an hour drive away

The fact that you’re close to New York City without having to live in its hustle and bustle is another plus. Do you have to get to the city? Not an issue at all! It’s only an hour away by car or by train. You can make use of moving services Queens NY if you are moving from NYC to Long Island.

3. No matter what time of year it is, you will be surrounded by natural beauty

Exactly as you start to grow sick of the heat, you realize that Autumn has arrived. Alternatively, just when you’ve had enough of the snow, you’ll be reminded that Spring is only around the corner. Living on the island allows you to experience all four seasons as well as the breathtaking natural environment that comes with them.

The sun sets over Montauk, Long Island
Long Island will offer you beautiful views even on the colder days.

4. You will be able to vacation where you are

As an alternative to visiting the beaches, Long Island has several destinations to visit for a day trip. These include places like Fire Island, Greenport, and the Robert Moses State Park. You can take a look at some more places to visit in Long Island over here.

5. There are numerous historic estates and buildings

Long Island is not only the location of numerous Hollywood celebrities’ homes, but it is also the location of historic estates such as President Theodore Roosevelt’s historic family house and Walt Whitman’s boyhood home.

6. Fresh food all year long

You may go to a farm and pick fruits and vegetables all year long! Long Island is home to a large number of farms, allowing you and your children to enjoy fresh fruits and veggies all year. You also get to eat delicious and fresh seafood every day of the week!  Because Long Island is surrounded by water on three sides, there are harbor communities all over the place where you may find restaurants that serve fresh and delicious seafood.

8. Vineyards and winetasting

You do not need to go across the country in order to enjoy vineyards and wine tasting experiences. If you haven’t already heard, the North Fork is known as the “Napa Valley of the East” for its wine production. A number of wineries may be found in the Hamptons as well. On the Island, there are several vineyards and winery excursions to choose from.

Visiting a vineyard after moving to Long Island during the off season
If you are moving to Long Island during the off-season, make sure to visit a vineyard.

9. Lighthouses on any day of the week!

Long Island is home to a large number of lighthouses, including the Montauk Light House, which was the first lighthouse built in New York State. And you can visit them any day of the week.

10. Rich history and culture

Have you ever wondered how people lived or traveled prior to the invention of the automobile? Visit the Stony Brook Carriage Museum, where you can see antique carriages, or the Old Bethpage Village Restoration, where you can witness restored historic buildings.


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