Safety tips for moving wooden furniture

You are about to move again! Moving wooden furniture around was never easy, especially if you have a lot of it. Some pieces need a delicate approach while others need several people to handle. It is understandable that you fear for the safety of your precious belongings. And that is why we must help you organize, prepare your furniture, and find one of the moving companies NYC to cover the hardest part. Let’s make it happen!

Moving wooden furniture with a reliable moving company by your side

As soon as you figure out your moving date, you must begin your search for reliable Astoria movers. It is important who will haul and carry your furniture around. You want to find an experienced and licensed moving company with all the tools required for the job. More importantly, one that knows exactly how it is done. Find your moving company online by comparing prices, services, and previous customers experience. No doubt you’ll find a match soon enough.

Mover holding a cardboard box
Find movers with the knowledge, experience, and all the tools required for moving wooden furniture

How to prepare?

Firstly, you must prepare the environment so you can move your furniture through the home. Inspect all the areas o your home and figure out if there are any obstacles on the way. Check your staircases, floors, hallways, and doors. Ensure it is a safe working environment. Furthermore, while doing this, you will realize what kind of packing materials you need and how many. We can tell you straight away to purchase the following:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Corner pads
  • Packing tape
  • Blister packs
  • Labels

Buy your materials online, at the nearest hardware shop, or from your moving company.

Disassemble your furniture if possible

Before you begin moving wooden furniture you must prepare it first. This means you should clean and disassemble if possible. Simple everyday cleaning should be enough to avoid bringing old dirt, dust, and spiderweb into your new home. Then, figure out what you can break apart to make it easier to relocate. Wrap individual pieces with blister packs to protect them from bumps and damages. And remember, some pieces are not meant to be disassembled ever. Generally, wooden screws and bolts are here to stay while metal ones can be removed. But if you are unsure about this one, consult your movers beforehand.

Disassemble what you can when moving wooden furniture
Some pieces are not meant to be disassembled. Be careful.

In case you need more space, rent a storage unit

Often people move into smaller apartments. This situation can be problematic because you must decide what to leave behind. But do not worry, you do not have to abandon any of your furniture. The lucrative solution is to rent one of the storage Queens units. Check with your movers and let them help you find one that is located near your home and affordable at the same time.

Purchase moving insurance when moving wooden furniture

The very nature of moving is dangerous. There is always a possibility of damages and injuries. Hopefully, you will avoid such an event with the proper moving crew and the right tools for the job. Although, some people do not leave anything to chance and they seek moving insurance as an additional layer of protection. It won’t bring your antique pieces back, but at least you’ll be compensated if anything is missing or broken.

Moving wooden furniture can be pretty easy if you organize it in the right way. And your helpers play a vital role in this game. Ensure you find someone to help you with the physical labor. Preferably, a professional moving team with all the knowledge and experience required.

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