Safety tips for relocating a fish tank

You will need to be extra careful when you are relocating a fish tank. For starters, you do not wish to drop your fish tank. The least of your worries then will be about what will happen to the fish. The shards of glass can hurt you or you can cut an artery on some of them. Even more, if you are not careful, you might hurt your spine, or you might even cause a big disaster. This is why you will need to be extra careful when you are moving heavy things around. Of course, one of the ideas would be to drain the fish tank first and then do the relocation. However, not everyone knows how to do it properly. So, if you are moving to Queens with your fish tank, we have created a really good guide for you. Make sure to read it thoroughly.

A stingray
You need to make sure that nothing happens to your fish while relocating a fish tank

Why is relocating a fish tank difficult?

There are several things that frighten some people more than moving a fish tank during relocation. Everything can go wrong and, most importantly, you can hurt yourself or you can hurt your precious fish. So, the idea is to relocate this without any issues. However, most people forget about how much water can weigh and, what seems to be more important, is that the force the moving water (water inside the tank will not remain steady while you are moving it) can force you to fall. So, the goal is to make sure that you avoid all of the things that can hurt you. However, the issue here is that people forget about some basic properties of water. This is, undoubtingly, one of the reasons why relocating a fish tank is difficult.

So, there is a good reason why people contact professional movers to help them out with their fish tanks. One of the other problems you can face is that you will be relocating a glass object. And, when it comes to fish tanks, they can be huge. So, you will have to get someone to help you out with that. Not to mention all the havoc you can create if you break it. Your relocation can soon turn into a massive disaster, and this will not be your only problem. Thus, most people prefer to find someone to help them out with this. It is difficult for a good reason.

What should you do?

In any case, you should make sure that you take out all of your plants and fish and keep them in separate containers. One of the most important things, when this is concerned, is that you should make sure that they are inside the water from the tank. Your tank water will have the exact balance of minerals and other necessary substances for your plants and fish to last through the relocation. Also, you will need to make sure that you do this last. Your fish will not enjoy being set aside in plastic bags while you are moving your piano. No, you should relocate your tank LAST. That way, your fish will not suffer inside smaller containers and this goes for your plants as well.

Japanese koi fish
The water your fish are in is very important

Of course, you can always contact the finest residential movers NYC offers to help you out. Moving experts and professionals can make good work of your fish tank relocation. Even more, they can make sure that nothing goes wrong. Usually, highly-trained experts and professionals can relocate each and every one of your belongings without any issues. So, you should make sure that you get in touch with them on time. Finding good movers is really hard to find sometimes and you will definitely need them for this one. Thus, making sure that you secure yourself a good moving company on time should be your top priority as well.

Is there anything else to relocating a fish tank?

Unfortunately, there is. You will have to make sure that your fish are properly fed during transport. Depending on the distance of your move, you might be moving a couple of hundred miles. Thus, you will need to make sure that your fish are safe in sound inside their temporary containers. However, you will also need to make sure that they have good conditions in their temporary containers. There are several things your fish will need during your relocation. Most of the following can be said about your tank plants as well:

  • Leave the top of the container open. You need to simulate the conditions inside a fish tank in smaller tanks you will be used for relocation. So, the main idea would be to make sure that your fish do not require anything to survive. You can, also, visit eBay or Amazon to find some temporary fish tanks to use for your move. Needless to say, you will NOT be packing your fish tank inside boxes.  
  • Siphon the rest of the tank water and make sure to bring it along. As we said, you will need to make sure that you simulate the exact conditions of a fish tank. Your tank water will be ideal for both your plants and fish. So, you should make sure that you bring it along with you. Of course, you should use a clean container for this. Otherwise, you will ruin the quality of the water once you return everything to its rightful place. There is a lot to think about, we know.
A moving truck relocating a fish tank
Make sure that you prepare your fish for transport conditions

Final thoughts about this one

Overall, relocating a fish tank is really difficult. You will need to make sure that you do everything precisely as you should. Otherwise, you might lose your precious fish. More importantly, you can severely injure yourself if you break your fish tank accidentally. Usually, thicker glass is used, thus making it more dangerous if you ever got hurt by it. So, one of the best ideas you can have is to contact the professionals to help you out. After all, they will know how exactly to do this. So, you should trust them.

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