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Our motto is a satisfied client. This is also the main goal of Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens. And our reference list speaks of itself. Besides getting the trust of many large companies, we are most proud of happy individuals who have moved all these years with us. Without them, our movers in Jackson Heights NY and other locations, would not be carrying the title of the best moving agency in Queens today. So, get in touch with us today and make sure that you have the best moving company by your side.

Movers in Jackson Heights NY can help your complete your residential relocation
Without satisfied clients today our movers in Jackson Heights NY would not carry the title of the best moving agency in Queens.

Our movers in Jackson Heights NY value your time

As the leading moving company in Jackson Heights, we are able to offer you highly efficient and highly professional moving and transport services. Firstly, our movers in Jackson Heights NY transport your property with special moving vehicles while ensuring that security is at the highest level possible. We also pack your moving items (wardrobes, dishes, documentation, office furniture, and inventory and archives) into boxes made of five-layer cardboard. And not only that: we are wrapping your furniture with special foils in layers that additionally protect it against damage. We are also well known for our great computer packing and unpacking services. As you may imagine, this is a job that is best to be left to professionals. In this way, your hi-tech equipment will be in safe hands at all times.

We are always growing

Years in moving business don’t mean a thing without improvement. By constantly investing in state-of-the-art equipment and moving vehicles, and following the best standards, we provide superior relocation services. With our quality, efficiency, discipline, professionalism and competitive prices, Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens have managed to impose itself as one of the leading moving companies in the field of residential moving. Plus, we can proudly say that our movers in Jackson Heights NY are one of the best out there.

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We enable our clients to continue working at a new location immediately – without breaking their regular business routine.

Commercial move without interrupting regular business activities

Relocation of large corporate systems from Friday to Monday! Our movers in Jackson Heights NY have great experience in organizing the relocation of business premises and complete move of buildings of several thousand square meters from Friday to Monday. In this way, we enable our clients to continue working at a new location immediately – without breaking their regular business routine.

Safe and efficient relocation in any part of Queens

Tik Tok Moving and Storage is covering the whole territory in Queens NY. And here is what distinguishes our movers in Jackson Heights NY from all others:

  • We have strong communication and organizational skills and we like to work with people,
  • Our movers in Jackson Heights NY have a long-term experience in moving services,
  • We are committed to our business goals,
  • Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens love dynamic work and we work professionally in this kind of environment
  • We are accurate, reliable, kind, responsible, precise and pedantic in our work,
  • Our team has a positive and bright spirit,
  • We focus exclusively on top results,
  • Our movers have the ability to work under pressure,
  • We quickly solve all relocation problems.

How we can help

There are many moving services that we can perform for our clients. Some of them are the following:

As you can imagine, this is not where the list of our services ends. In the case that you find yourself in a position that you need moving help, but cannot seem to find what you are looking for listed here, make sure to get in touch with us. Share your needs with us and we will make sure to come up with a moving plan tailor-made to fit your needs.

Local moving with your dedicated movers in Jackson Heights NY

One of the most common moving services that we, as one of the most reliable movers Jackson Heights NY, perform is the local moving service. Regardless of whether you need help moving within one neighborhood, city, or state, we can help you out. With our moving crews by your side, you can be sure that you are going to be facing a very simple moving process.

image of a neighborhood
Local moving is one of our specialties.

Let us take care of your Long-distance relocation

Moving farther away is a bit more complicated than moving locally. Simply, there are going to be plenty of other things to watch out for than just packing and transportation. So, let the trustworthy Jackson Heights movers handle the heavy lifting for you, while you deal with the paperwork. As you know, good teamwork always wins.

We are the interstate moving experts you can rely on

Relocating to a different state or to a different part of the country is one of the biggest domestic moves that you can embark on. Given the fact that this is as complicated a moving procedure as they get, you should make sure to have reliable moving help by your side. Let Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens be your trusted interstate movers. Entrust us with your belongings and your relocation is going to become one of the simplest procedures that you have had to go through in your life.

International moving is a smooth and simple process when you have our team helping you out

Moving to a different country is as demanding moving service as they get. To do complete this, your moving provider has to have a thorough knowledge of international law, custom clearance, and good connections with other moving companies in the world.

No matter whether you are looking to move by air, sea or land, we can help you out. Our moving partners around the world are the moving companies that we have been in business for a long time. Therefore, we are certain that they, just like us, have the means, knowledge, experience, and the manpower needed to see the process of relocation through.  Therefore, make sure to have the best moving company in Jackson Heights NY on your side. We know that we are exactly that.

Your items are 100% safe during the move

When choosing a moving company, you usually have to find a balance between the price and the quality of the service. And we know what it means when you have to think about how to deduct moving expenses. However, the cheapest offer does not mean that it is always the best solution. The difference in the prices that you can get in different moving companies may vary by 50%… But also the services provided by agencies vary even more! Still, if you hire movers in Jackson Heights NY your valuables will be professionally packed and quickly and easily moved to your new address. We take care of your items as they are our own, and we give a reasonable price to satisfy your relocation needs.

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Our movers are accurate, reliable, kind, responsible, precise, and pedantic.

Convenient, safe and affordable storage units: for both short-term and long-term uses

Besides relocation services, Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens offers its customers over 1,000m2 of storage space. Your stuff will be professionally packed, labeled and kept in the best possible and regularly controlled conditions. We have specialized in storing things that require special handling, regular controls, or the use of stairs and elevators.

Our storage units are able to receive individual items, complete home content, or office inventory. We label each part of your property with stickers of different colors and use professional packaging. In this way, we allow that all things that you do not need at the moment, are deposited in boxes with stickers with the correct content inside them, so you can easily find them yourself.

You’re in a hurry? We are open 24/7!

How does 0-24 relocation sounds? In order to enable our clients not to discharge their obligations and not to interrupt their everyday activities due to moving, Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens provide the possibility of organizing moving after the client’s working hours, on weekends, or at night. In this way, we will adjust our time to your schedule – and not the other way around. Also, you don’t have to take days off work for relocation, so this can be very convenient for busy people. Of course, you can always opt for hiring us for a “door-to-door” move and leave everything to us. This service includes precise packaging, transport, and unloading – all according to your instructions.

Call us for a free moving quote with no obligation

Our movers in Jackson Heights NY are able to move everything that you need from point A to Point B in no time. Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens can proudly say that we believe that “every problem has a solution” as this has always yielded results so far. So just contact us for a free moving quote. It will be a great pleasure to show – and prove – that your choice is a real and safe choice for your move.

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