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When moving in and around New York City, all you have to do is turn to Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens and have a moving experience worthy of royals. Since we serve many locations, we are also a logical choice when searching for moving companies Long Island. This area is the one we serve with great pride and joy, which only gives us additional motivation to become even better for our customers. Give us a call today by dialing 212 991 8389 and you will soon realize one thing – reliable and high-quality moving services don’t always have to come with a hefty price tag. All you have to do is find the one that works best for you, and that’s what we’ll strive to do.

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Time is quickly flying by. Don’t let it pass before you find the best moving companies Long Island.

Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens – we work like clockwork 7 days of the week

And we are open to serving your moving needs every day of the week. New York City is our favorite city and the place of our headquarters. It was only natural for us to have the need to serve the entire surrounding area. And Long Island is one of our favorite ones. As opposed to some other Long Island moving companies, Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens, like the name suggests, is a company that breaks all barriers and time-frames. Whether it’s packing your belongings in NYC or loading the moving truck, we finish all moving-related tasks in record time.

Residential and commercial relocation on the Long Island soil

Residential and commercial relocation are two completely different ends of the spectrum. Both come with their own set of challenges, which is why you need to find moving companies Long Island which can deal with both. As a company that has over a decade of experience, we are more than equipped to deal with both.

Your residential relocation to Long Island will be smooth sailing with our movers. By making sure your family is well taken care of and that your family heirlooms are kept safe, we ensure that both the emotional and the physical aspect of your move to Long Island are covered. Because residential moving is much more than mere packing up of your belongings. It’s providing emotional support which not all Long Island movers can do. We, on the other hand, relish in doing it!

Commercial NYC relocation is sometimes a thing nightmares are made of. But not with Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens and our Long Island movers by your side. We will have your office relocated to Long Island in the shortest amount of time and with no disruptions and downtime. You’ll have your business up and running again in no time.

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No need to fret about the outcome of your residential or commercial relocation.

One of the most reliable moving companies Long Island

In the days of rising moving scams and fraudulent movers, you have no other option but to be extremely careful when choosing your moving team. If you are looking for a reliable, experienced, and above all else licensed Long Island moving team, you’ll be able to find it right here at Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens. Not only are we fully insured and licensed but we are also highly praised. As one of the most reputable moving companies in NYC, our Long Island movers will be just what the doctor ordered. Whether going through a commercial or residential relocation to Long Island, we are sure you can realize how safety comes first. And with our company by your side, you can enjoy maximum safety.

Premium Long Island movers with over a decade of experience

Ever since 2006, Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens has been providing the residents of the area with premium moving services NYC. A decade worth of experience allows us to be experts in all moving areas which leads us to quick solutions to the most common moving troubles. We can’t guarantee that there will be zero problems during your relocation to Long Island. But we can guarantee that, once they arise, they will be handled in record time and by seasoned professionals. Leave the stress of finding a suitable solution for our team. You just worry about more pressing things.

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Seal the deal with our Long Island movers and have a decade of experience on your side.

Transparent prices with zero hidden fees

Not all moving companies Long Island have your best interest in mind. We certainly do. That’s why we made the process of requesting a price estimate for your relocation as easy as it can be. A few well-placed clicks will lead you to a moving quote calculator on our website. Input the necessary information and patiently wait for us to contact you with an estimate.

What’s more advisable is to request an in-home price estimate where we would send a representative from our company to assess your needs and give you a quote. What’s so specific about us is the fact that the quote in question will be 100% accurate and transparent. Forget about extra fees and hidden charges – there’s no such thing with Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens. 

Give us a call and have one of the best moving companies Long Island working on your relocation

To avoid the hassle of browsing through different moving companies Long Island, all you have to do is get in touch with Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens. You’ll consider our movers to be a godsend in the days to come. We won’t have any troubles dealing with all the difficult aspects of your move. That is our job, and it’s the one we love. Give us a call and feel free to pose any questions you may have. Our friendly dispatcher won’t mind providing you with an answer.

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