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Moving to Westchester, the second-most populous county on the mainland of New York seems to be an event that’s becoming more popular by the minute. Whether you are moving alone or with family, moving out of a studio apartment, or a huge house, you can rest assured you will need some professional help while doing it. That’s where Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens enters the scene. As a premier relocation professional, our goal is simple – to provide you with a smooth and seamless transition to your new home. Relocating your belongings is not only a job for our Westchester movers – but it’s also our great pleasure to be able to do it. Give us a call and let’s ensure you have a great moving experience.

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Pick up your phone, dial our number, and let all of your moving problems become a thing of the past.

Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens has over a decade of valuable experience

Ever since 2006, we’ve had only one goal in mind – to provide our customers with a stress-free moving experience. Through our plethora of moving services NYC, we’ve directly ensured that all of your moving needs are catered to. As a company that’s privately owned, you’ll have our full devotion and support. After all, the pristine reputation we have today wouldn’t have been possible without you – our loyal customers.

As an important part of New York City, Westchester is an area we serve with great pride and joy. After all, Westchester County and its residents have been good to us, which is why we feel we have to reciprocate that kindness. Our team of movers Westchester will be kind, efficient, and helpful – all the qualities you wish to see in your movers.

Our team of Westchester movers can handle any relocation task imaginable

The local movers Westchester we have are highly-qualified individuals. They have spent years in the relocation industry, learning all the little secrets of the trade. Today, those same movers are experts in all relocation types, as well as different moving tasks. Do you need someone to transfer your household belongings or relocate your office in NYC? Our movers in Westchester are the ones to turn to! Are you looking for an attentive, skilled, and qualified team? Once again, we here at Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens have just what you need!

How extensive our scope of assistance options will be, depends on which services you opt for. All of our clients who are moving to Westchester have the possibility to choose among a plethora of different assistance options:

  • Packing services NYC
  • Short-term and long-term storage solutions
  • Piano moving services
  • Residential and commercial relocation
  • Special services, including junk removal services
Storage units.
Our storage units will be a source of great help for your relocation to Westchester.

The extra moving assistance of our movers Westchester won’t break the bank

Like any business, it goes without saying that we have to put a price on our services and the effort of our movers. However, that price won’t be too high when our team of movers in Westchester is in charge. We put a lot of thought when creating the prices for our special services. We will let you be the judge whether we did a good job, but we think our quality to affordability ratio is more than good! You can get your free moving estimate on our website and this way, you will see that we really are the most affordable moving company in Westchester.

But, having the most affordable moving service is not enough. Being the best movers Westchester offers means we have to be the best at our job. So, we make sure every single relocation is handled with care so nothing gets damaged. Our movers will make sure your relocation is stress-free and done as soon as possible. Taking care of your belongings is what we do best and we are the number one moving company you can find in Westchester.

Our services are here to make your relocation easy

One of the things we are really proud of is that we have amazing services for you. Our piano moving service is specially designed to move your piano from point A to point B without any damage done. If you try moving heavy items like a piano by yourself, there is no way you will be able to do it. You might decide to ask your friends to help you out, but someone might get hurt, or your piano might get damaged. You are just not professionals when it comes to this part of your relocation. And, piano moving service is something you can count on to make this relocation in no time. We will use our equipment and knowledge to move your beloved instrument in no time and without any damage.

When it comes to special moving services, we are amazing at them as well. For example, you might have a flat-screen TV that needs to be moved and you think you might be best off leaving it to the professionals. You are right! We will get to your home, move your TV and install it once more. Flat-screen TV is especially sensitive to moving and dropping, so making sure you leave it to professional movers to handle really makes all the difference.

flat screen TV
We will move your flat-screen TV without any damage

As you know, every relocation creates a huge amount of garbage and clutter. We will make sure your home is clean and ready for you to live in no time. We have a professional cleaning crew that will come to both the new and old house of yours. They will declutter until they are ready to be used again. Our disposal and cleaning service is one of the things that makes us stand out.

Westchester is an area we visit frequently

Being so populated and popular, we find ourselves in Westchester county quite often. Our movers in Westchester certainly have their hands full with both commercial moves, as well as residential relocations in NYC. If there is one thing we’ve learned through all of those moves it is the county itself. We know which routes are busy in the morning, noon, and evening. Moreover, we also know the area so well that we will be able to pick the best route connecting your current home and your new one. And that will lead to everyone’s favorite thing – a quick move! You will get to enjoy this amazing and evergrowing part of NYC in no time with us.

As the name itself suggests, we are very mindful of the time

One of the worst things is when you are waiting for your movers to arrive with all of your belongings but they are nowhere to be found. That won’t happen with our Westchester movers. If there is one thing we appreciate, then that’s your time. We know it’s the most valuable resource of all – the one that can never be gotten back. With Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens by your side, you get a promise of a quick and efficient move. 

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Our Westchester moving team works quickly and efficiently.

Now, we can’t tell you precisely how many hours it will take us to relocate your belongings. That depends on many factors, the distance of your old home and the new one being one of them. But, we can tell you that we will be punctual and resourceful. We never waste anyone’s time, and that’s something our customers love about us! Making sure that everything is taken care of without delays is our specialty. This is the reason you can trust us to plan your relocation from the beginning to the end. Comparing us to any other moving company will show you that we are the best choice when it comes to efficiency and punctuality.

For start-to-finish moving assistance, get in touch with us!

Should you be looking for a team of reliable, experienced, and licensed Westchester movers, just get in touch with us. As a licensed and insured moving professional, Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens are here to ensure you have a safe and pleasant relocation. We never leave any job half-done! That means that the assistance we provide you with will begin after that initial phone call, and will end only after you are comfortably settled into your new home or office in Westchester. Our team will work in perfect unison in order to ensure your pleasure, and a good start for your new life. After all, that’s what matters most! Give us a call, and join our family of satisfied customers!

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