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Looking for a reliable moving company that won’t affect your budget? Just one call is enough to solve any of your relocation issues and move you to a new place of residence, a new job, and a new life! So get in touch with the best Staten Island movers. Here at Tik Tok Moving and Storage, we met many people and we worked on many relocations to Staten Island. That’s why we know your items are your valuables. And as professionals, we can pack them well for moving and transport so your items arrive at your destination in the proper condition. So, call us today to get a jump start on your relocation process!

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Have your relocation done by Staten Island professionals

The most affordable moving company Staten Island has to offer

How is this possible? Well, as for the price, we always think about the people who ask us for help. So instead of investing in advertising, we invest in people with whom we cooperate and who can say a nice word about us tomorrow and give a recommendation for moving. No matter if you are organizing commercial moving or household relocation, our Staten Island movers are at your service.

Tik Tok Moving and Storage: safe, affordable and reliable

We know that people often do not have time to move. That’s why our Staten Island moving crews are at your disposal for 7 days a week. If you are still busy, we can also move without you. Give us your home address, moving address and directions, and when you come to your new home at the end of the day, things will wait for you where they should be.

With this, you also get a free moving estimate, complete arrangement, schedule of people and vehicles for your local moving NYC. Feel free to call us at any time of the day, we will let you know about everything you are interested in and give you a price for moving. If you already organized your move, you can still buy moving supplies. Only with us, you get guaranteed cheapest moving and supplies in Staten Island.

Here are just some of Tik Tok Moving and Storage services

  • Transport: trucks and vans for moving
  • Packaging and protection of things (bubble wrap, stretch foil, and cardboard coatings)
  • Assembling and dissembling massive furniture
  • Transport of heavy, bulky and special cargo (pianos, cash registers, furnaces)
  • Storage units that are safe and have climate control
  • Sale of packaging materials such as cardboard boxes and foils
  • Renting a van with a driver

Packing and preparing your items for relocation

One of the most important aspects of relocation is packing your belongings. After all, the way you pack them determines whether they will arrive in the perfect shape or they may come damaged. Therefore, it is very important to go about this business with care and paying attention to the details.

With our moving crews by your side, you can be certain that your items will be handled with great care. We have the knowledge, the skills, the tools and supplies needed to prepare them for transportation in the right way. Therefore, you should use our resources to your benefit. Call us today and become a part of the happy and satisfied people who chose Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens for their movers. By the time the relocation ends, you are going to be happy that we have been the people to take an active part in your move.

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Let us help with your international move

We offer storage units renting

Nowadays, we see people who have a chronic issue with the lack of space. Simply, the times that we live in allow us to buy a lot. So, it is only natural that storage space may become a scarce commodity.

We can help you overcome such an issue. With our storage units available for short-term and long-term renting, you are just a step away from obtaining easily accessible storage space for all of those items that you are having a hard time saying goodbye to.

So, waste no more time. Rent a storage unit NYC today and start enjoying the newfound space in your home.

Skillful workers for moving

Our Staten Island movers team of workers who pack and transport things in our company are a well trained and experienced team. They carry out their work in detail, with pedantry and skillful knowledge, so that you can be absolutely sure that we did a good job of moving and transport. You can pack your moving things yourself, and if you do not have time, we will be happy to do it for you. As we said, for proper packaging of things we also offer cardboard boxes, protective sponges, and foils. Of course, the entire process of packing and transportation of things is done in agreement with the client, never on our own.

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Moving to Staten Island will be one of the best decisions that you will make

Best vehicles for Staten Island moving

Tik Tok Moving and Storage have vans and trucks that you can hire depending on the quantity of your stuff. Our vehicles are modern and well equipped. We regularly service them, and before each local or long-distance relocation, they go through additional quality control. With this maintenance and checking of the moving vehicles, the possibility of deterioration of the vehicle during the movement itself is minimized.

Your valuables are safe with us

Only with our professional movers Staten Island, you get a guarantee that things will get where they need to be – and in the form, they should be in! We carefully prepare every movepack and protect things so that no errors occur. This is true when it comes to moving to New York and when it comes to moving to the interstate.

Many recommendations suggest that we are a trusted relocation agency, fast and efficient. We can add that your items are safe with us and you can trust us with all your valuables. As for moving abroad, we know how to quickly obtain documents, permits, and move you where you plan your new life without any problems.

Moving abroad with the best Staten Island movers

Moving to another country is one of the most complicated types of moves. It requires a great deal of planning, attention to detail and cooperation with reliable international movers that have quality partners all over the world. Here at Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens, we have all that it takes to help you relocate to any country in the world. We operate the moves ourselves in the USA. So, we handle your items until they board on a ship, truck, or airplane. After they arrive in the destination country, it is our reliable international moving partners who take on from there. Therefore, we can guarantee that your items will be cared for throughout the relocation process.

Our name at the top reviews of the moving companies

Our great experience consists of a number of years spent in moving jobs in Staten Island and farther away too. During this time, we have compiled a team of people who are moving households and companies, without any tension or problems. So we promise to move your stuff to your new destination and your future residence, without having any additional stress. Many satisfied customers and recommendations from our old clients guarantee that your things will remain undamaged when we move them.

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Your family will be happy when they see your belongings in perfect condition after the move

Preparing for moving – what do you need to know

First, we agree on the date and time and confirm your move. After that, if you pack things yourself and do the disassembly of furniture, you need to prepare everything before we come with our moving team. If we do packaging and disassembly, we will discuss the exact terms and procedures, measurements, and how much time is needed for us to carefully and safely pack everything. If you have a vehicle elevator, make sure to provide the keys in time. Everything else is our concern.

Call our Staten Island movers now!

As you see, relocation doesn’t have to be stressful. You just have to have the right attitude toward it and to hire the moving company that is going to help you see your move through in a reliable and effective way. When you’re ready, just to call one of the best Staten Island movers! The best time to start the new chapter of your life is now! Get a free estimate today and see how easy it is to move with Tik Tok Moving and Storage. In the end, you are just one phone call away from the moving experience of your lifetime!

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