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The process of relocating is stressful for most people and there are many factors which contribute to this. However, nothing makes the moving process easier than having the right packing supplies. Luckily, Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens and our packing supplies Queens NY offer a variety of different moving day additions specifically for this reason. Some of the additional items you can expect to find are bubble wrap, tape, and protection covers. We take pride in treating every single customer as our only one, which means that you can expect full dedication. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us in regards to any questions you may have.

packing supplies Queens NY - cardboard box
We use the best packing supplies for your valuables

What makes our packing supplies Queens NY the best option for you?

Since we at Tik Tok Moving have been working very meticulously for over a decade, we managed to gain a lot of experience. Our team of highly trained professionals always does all they can in order to offer you only the best. The same goes for packing materials and moving boxes which we provide for all of our customers. You can be certain that we offer only top-quality products which will serve you really well during your relocation.

To begin with, the moving boxes, as well as the rest of our packing supplies, are of prestigious quality. We offer boxes and containers of all sizes. In this way, we are able to accommodate to basically all common household items.

man handling packing supplies and moving boxes
We only offer the sturdiest moving boxes!

Moving boxes Queens NY also have boxes with special ‘’flap tabs’’. We especially recommend these to all first-time and less experienced movers when planning a move. This is because these special types of moving boxes will make the process of packing significantly easier.

What is most important, however, is that our boxes come in the best imaginable shape. Not only do we guarantee sturdiness and efficiency we also take pride in our prices. In our assortment, we have moving boxes of the highest longevity and usage period. Still, we accommodate to the average pricing standard and always look for ways to give our customers the best offers. Also, this is one of the key factors which is the most important for reducing stress during a move. In this way, we managed to thrive in this field of business for more than 10 years.

What packing and moving supplies we offer

No matter if you’re doing a short-distance or a long-distance move, our moving boxes Queens NY will definitely prove useful. This is because we offer a wide range of products. Some of these include:

  • Boxes
  • Pads
  • Storage Pods
storage unit with moving boxes and supplies
Take a look at our assortment of products

As you can see, we offer more than simple moving boxes. This is because, after all of our years in the industry, we found that there are packing supplies which everyone needs even before they start packing. In the following section, we have singled out some of the basics for your move to go smoothly. Ideally, you’ll want to use at least some of these if you want to properly prepare before your moving day. Take a look at some of the additional packing supplies we have to offer.

Let us wrap up your belongings in our best packing paper

Although this item tends to be overlooked, we have a very high appreciation for delicate items. For this reason, we pay attention to even the smallest details. Packing paper is perfect for this. It comes in handy in wrapping up glassware, plates, and similar fragile items.

Our best advice would be to use it liberally. Based on our experience, this is the best way to ensure the safety of your precious belongings. Additionally, if you have any space left in any of your boxes, the packing paper will come in handy. We always suggest using this type of paper to prevent your packed items from rattling around your moving boxes. Especially if you are planning an international relocation. The way we find works best every single time is to simply wedge the packing paper into empty spaces to keep your possessions safely in place.

With our bubble wrap, your belongings will be safe and sound

Bubble wrap is one of the most crucial items we at packing supplies Queens NY can recommend. This is because it works wonders when packing particularly delicate items such as packing a piano. The best way to use it is to wrap it around anything fragile. Along with this, we find it works best to wrap your finest china at least twice. In this way, we guarantee the safest possible transportation of your delicate belongings.

Keep your larger items covered with our moving plastic wrap

At our packing services, we like to think of moving plastic wrap as an industrial-sized version of regular plastic wrap. Although it may seem similar, know that the differences are quite significant. What we found during our work in this field is that paying attention to details makes all the difference. For this specific reason, we always highly recommend all our clients to invest in our moving plastic wrap.

Our moving plastic wrap is ideal for packing your larger pieces of furniture and other bigger items. It is always a good idea to protect your belongings from outside elements which you cannot control. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of using stretch wrap prior to your relocation.

Our packing labels will help you stay organized

Our packing labels are perfect for maintaining post-moving sanity. With the labeling system, we offer we can guarantee a stress-free moving experience. If you follow our system properly, you will be able to easily unpack all your moving boxes after you unload them in your new home.

packing labels
Use our labels to stay organized!

Ideally, we recommend that you use at least two labels per box. In this way, you will be able to easily keep track of which box should go to which room.

We hope to hear from you

These are just a few examples of what we have to offer to our customers. Our biggest goal is to always be able to guarantee the sturdiest and most efficient moving boxes and packing supplies. This is the reason why we always try to recommend the best of our products. In this way, we are able to ensure an easy and stress-free relocation process.

Ultimately, we aim to list you amongst our many satisfied customers. We strongly hope to hear from you and help you in choosing the best supplies you will need for your upcoming move. Contact us today and get answers to all of your questions about relocation necessities. We are at your entire disposition!

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