Should I move out while renovating?

Many people have the same dilemma when renovating their homes. Should they stay or should they temporarily relocate? Both solutions have their pros and cons. If staying, you will have to bear all inconveniences of not having privacy, living in a noisy place, having all covered in dust, etc. If you move out while renovating it means that you will have to find a place to live. For simpler renovations, which are expected to last for shorter periods of time, you can move to family or friends. But for major renovations, it is better to temporarily rent a hotel or an accommodation and have the Queens movers help you with the move. 

White kitchen elements in front of the window wrapped and protected awaiting renovation to start while you are deciding should you move out while renovating
Is it better to move out while renovating your home?

Which parts of the home are you renovating?

This is a very important question. Answering it can help you to decide whether to move out while renovating or to stay in your home. Maybe you just want to refresh your home. Or renovating just a smaller portion, without much plumber and electricity work. In that case, staying at home will not disturb your daily routine too much. It will probably just add a bit more to your budget. However, at every shift end, workers will have to remove all tools and scrap materials. This is to avoid getting you or your family members hurt. They will also have to unpack when coming to work in the morning. Such precautions are usually prolonging the renovation period.

On the other hand,  when staying at home while renovating, you can monitor the process and quality of work. And of course, it is good to inform yourself about some things before you start your home renovation. That will help you understand the process better. And having insight will save you from unnecessary stress.  

When it is better to move out during renovation?

With some renovations, deciding to move out might show as a wise decision. At first, it might look that your costs are skyrocketing. You will have to rent temporary accommodation. And you might need to use storage Queens for the belongings you wish to keep safe during renovation. The good thing is that you will have a more comfortable living. Also, the renovation works will advance much faster. In such a case, it is good to visit your home at least once a week to check works. 

Grey storage corridor with red metal doors for each storage unit
Storage unit to keep your possessions during renovation.

Factors to help you decide should you move out while renovating

Answers to these questions will help you to decide should you stay or move out while renovating:

  • how big is my project (renovating a part or whole home) 
  • how long the project will take
  • is it affecting electrical and plumbing services
  • how much privacy we can have when staying
  • will my family be safe during renovation or exposed to risky and unhealthy circumstances 
  • what is the financial impact (If I move I will have to pay rent. If I stay the project will take more time and be more costly than foreseen)

Many people prefer, especially with major works, to move out while renovating process is taking place. They do not want to suffer from dust, scrap materials, lack of privacy, and high risks of being injured. In case you decide to move out the Astoria movers will help you with moving and temporarily storing your things. Also, make sure to be available for calls. The renovating company might need to discuss some issues with you. Being available will prevent holding up the renovation process. And visit your home on the regular basis to make sure the remaining property in your home is well secured. 

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