Should I use plastic or wooden crates when packing for a move?

When it comes to moving, there are a plethora of things you need to take into consideration. After you have decided where you want to move, you should give yourself enough time to pick a mover that perfectly meets your needs. If you have no previous experience with moving, picking a good moving company could be a real pain in the neck. With an on-time and budget-friendly service, Moving and Storage Queens NY makes your move go like clockwork. When you have professionals by your side, planning goes much easier. With the help we provide, you’ll be able to enjoy your move.  Also, we care about your belongings like they are our own. Your belongings will be well-protected and safe all the way to your new home. If you don’t know whether you should use plastic or wooden crates when packing for a move, we can help you decide.

people packing for a move
Having properly secured and packed belongings, you can enjoy your move

If you somehow decide to pack the things on your own, it’s good to know how to do it best. What packing materials you use and how you store belongings affect how safe they are during transport. Typically, crates and boxes of different materials and shapes are used for storing items. Plastic and wooden crates are the most commonly used ones. We’re giving you a short review of what’s best for you. If you have no idea where to rent any kind of crate packing services NYC provided by Tik Tok Moving and Storage could be an ideal solution for you. Our dedicated and professional teams will make your packing and relocating an enjoyable experience.

Plastic versus wooden crates

If you don’t know what type of creates to use it’s completely okay as the choice is not clear-cut. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see why you want one or the other. And in case you need high-quality totes for your move, Tik Tok Moving and Storage is a way to go with its moving boxes Queens NY. We offer boxes of all sizes and materials. Feel free to contact us whenever you need.

plastic crates
Plastic crates are very durable and water-impermeable


Both, plastic and wooden crates, have a high degree of impact resistance. This means they can withstand the intense force that is applied to them. As a result, you can be sure your belongings will be in a perfect state when you arrive at the final destination.


As a moving process can be very pricey, you need to consider the renting price for both types of crates. Generally speaking, crates’ price can vary a lot as it is affected by the type of material used for the production. If you want to buy moving supplies, always do a bit of internet surfing and telephoning in order to find the best price on the market.

a wallet in the pocket
Always try to find a price that fits you best

Environmental impact

Everything you use in life has some environmental impact. And you should always try to minimize it by using eco-friendly products. When we put plastic and wooden crates side by side, the wooden ones are rated as more eco-friendly. This is because plastics can do more harm to the environment than wood. They both can last very long as they are durable and resistant, which is excellent when we talk about the sustainability of the products. But, once plastic materials start breaking down, they will release toxic chemicals into the environment. This will have a huge negative impact on the living world. On the other hand, wood as a material is much safer for the environment.  When it comes to environmental impact, it’s pretty clear whether you should use plastic or wooden crates when packing for a move.

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