Simple ways to refresh your home on a budget

After a certain amount of time, no matter how much you liked it at first, you don’t want to continue looking at the same things every day. Your home needs a change. Or, you may have to make changes. Regardless of whether something got damaged or your living situation has changed, you need to refresh your home. Maybe you are even planning on selling the house and want to get the best price possible? All of these things cost money. Quite often, a lot of money. However, there are ways to not spend a lot, without cutting any corners. If you are moving, hiring the best movers NYC has to offer should be your first choice. They can take care of your move cheaply, while you learn how to refresh your home on a budget.

Mix and Match Your Pillows

You can think of your pillows as the make up your house wears. You can mix and match however you wish and it won’t cost you a dime. And it’s almost effortless to boot. This can be your first step if you wish to refresh your home on a budget. Try out a few combinations and see how it feels. You may be surprised how big of an impact such a simple change can have. Vibrant pillows can bring life to any room, no matter how dull it seems otherwise. Of course, you can also shop for some new ones. They don’t cost much, so you won’t lose anything if you end up not liking them. You can even use them as housewarming gifts when one of your friends moves.

Pillows on a couch.
Experimenting with your pillows can be the first step when you want to refresh your home on a budget.

Adding Accent Walls is a Great Way to Refresh Your Home on a Budget

The walls of your home are one of the first things that everyone who enters sees. Including you. When the walls are drab and lifeless, you probably don’t pay too much attention. However, if they are vibrant and lively, you can’t miss them. Adding accent walls (or feature or statement walls, as some people call them) is a cheap way to brighten up your home. There are so many patterns and prints that you are bound to find some you like. You can even have some unique stencils made. In case you are afraid to commit too much, you can get removable wallpapers. In such cases, even if you end up not liking the new design, simply remove them. It’s a win-win situation – you refresh your home on a budget, but can also revert it to the original design if you don’t like it.

Paintings, Mirrors, and Shelves

You don’t need to place accent walls to revitalize your home. Placing some paintings or mirrors on the walls will give your home a new feel. You can even just place the frames – while not too common, some people actually prefer frames on their walls. Try out a few layouts and patterns until you find a composition you like. Shelves serve the same purpose, with the added benefit of providing more space for storage. Now, high-end shelves are expensive, but if you like a rustic look, you can learn how to make them yourselves. Or, go to a yard sale and find something you like. If you live near the area, ask long distance movers Queens if they know anyone who is planning on moving. More than likely, they don’t want to bring all of the shelves with them, so you can get away cheap if you purchase them. 

Desk and paintings on a wall.
A few paintings can make your walls look much more lively.

Give Love to Your Rug

A rug is the centerpiece of the room it is in. It essentially defines the room. Thus, if you are looking to redefine your living space, a new rug is the way to go. Naturally, you need to choose a pattern and color scheme you like and that fits your room. However, new rugs aren’t that cheap. Once again, go to a yard sale or a thrift shop and see what you can find. You can get the supplies to properly store your old rug at packing services NYC. Good rugs last a long time, so with a good wash, an old rug you find can look almost new. You have another option if you don’t want to spend any money. The way the rug looks is not the only thing that impacts the design, but also how it is placed. Change straight to diagonal or vice-versa and you will be surprised how much it changes the layout of the room.

Give Your Kitchen Furnishing a New Coating

Kitchen furnishing is often made in dull, sterile colors, that simply don’t do much for most people. Luckily, this is an easy fix. Some paint or a new coating can quickly change the entire feel of your kitchen. If everything is structurally sound, repainting your kitchen furnishing shouldn’t take you more than a day. Plus a few days for the paint to dry. All you need is some sandpaper, a brush, and paint. This will cost you a fraction of what a new cabinet costs and it will have the same effect. Even if you don’t want to refresh your home on a budget, you should do this every few years. Removing cooking and grease stains will keep your home more hygienic, if nothing else. Moving to New York can cost quite a lot, so saving money where you can is a good strategy.

Refresh your home on a budget.
A new layer of paint can make your kitchen look new.

Spice Up Your House with Some Vegetation

Flowers and potted plants can bring life to any home. It costs almost nothing but can have the impact of a full-blown renovation. You don’t even need to have a green thumb. If something withers away, you can easily replace it. With practice, you will learn how to take care of your plants. Of course, you need to find flowers whose appearance you like. Simply go to a flower shop and pick out whatever you prefer. Taking care of the plants can also be a calming activity, which can be especially beneficial if you are cooped inside most days. Plus, you can paint the pots themselves however you wish, adding another dimension to the living space. These are only a few ways to refresh your home on a budget, so if you think of something else, send us some pictures to show what you came up with.

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