Staten Island moving guide

Moving to Staten Island will bring you a lot of benefits. First of all, the living costs are much lower than in the rest of NY. Secondly, you will find the best Staten Island movers to help you with your move. We will provide you with the Staten Island moving guide so that you know exactly where you are headed. Furthermore, we are sure that moving to Staten Island is a perfect decision for you, as it has a lot to offer to all people of all ages, cultures, singles, and people with family. There is something for everyone to enjoy this beautiful place.

Start on time and make a to-do list

When it comes to moving, the essential thing to do is to start on time. There is nothing you will not be able to achieve if you start 6-8 weeks ahead. Make a to-do list and stick to it. Take some time off of work if necessary to make your relocation stress-free and smooth. We all know that stress is inevitable, but lessening it is our job. With movers West Point NY, this will definitely be the case, but you need to be organized and calm when it comes to relocation.

a clock and piles of coin money, as well as a wooden house miniature
Starting on time and defining a budget is the best thing you can according to the Staten Island moving guide

Set up your budget and find your new apartment

As we already mentioned, the living costs in Staten Island are much lower than in the rest of NY. This is a perfect opportunity for you to set up a budget and find a new place to live. There are nine different neighborhoods in Staten Island and depending on your needs, you should find the right one.

If you want to focus on your job, for example, you can choose to live in New Springville. Here you will find the new business buildings, and a lot of options when it comes to renting or buying apartments. Plus it is near the center of the island. On the other hand, if you want to focus on your family, and make sure your kids can enjoy the parks while living in some of the beautiful, charming houses, you can go with Livingstone. Additionally, if you want to live somewhere near the beach, then Oakwood is the perfect solution for you.

Find the right moving company

There is nothing better than a reliable moving company when it comes to moving to Staten Island. Staten Island moving guide includes finding the most experienced, skilled and flexible moving company. Ask your friends and family who have moved recently to recommend the right moving company. After all, recommendations are a great way to find the best moving company. And in case none of your acquaintances have moved, ask the Internet. There are plenty of moving companies online, just make sure to compare the moving quotes and get the best possible price for the service that you will require.

Staten Island moving guide

When it comes to moving, there are some things you need to check before you get your new keys. What are the crime rates, are there enough job opportunities, what is public transportation like, how to meet new neighbors? We will answer all of these questions in this Staten Island moving guide.

a ferry boat
Everyday free rides on the ferry boat from Staten Island will be your connection to the rest of NY

Crime rate

There are around 480 thousand people living on Staten Island. And the crime rates are low, in fact, if you live on Staten Island, know that this island is 47 percent safer than the rest of NY. The chances for someone to become a victim of a crime are 1 in 280 people. It is true that some neighborhoods are safer than the other, which is why it is important to choose a good neighborhood on time.


On Staten Island, there are only 5 schools that you can choose from. Nevertheless, there are over 200 schools within the 25 miles radius. This is excellent news because the schools on and around Staten Island are great. Plus, you have a lot of options to pursue your career path. Some of the largest schools around Staten Island are New York University as well as the Columbia University in the City of New York.

Public transport

In order to get from Staten Island to other boroughs in NY, you need to take the ferry. The ferry is free and commutes often. This is the best way to cross over to NY. On the other hand, on the island itself, you can choose between the

  • subway
  • buses
  • trains and
  • ferry

The public transportation of Staten Island does not have a very good reputation because it is scarce. This is why Staten Island is a place where you will commute the best in your own car. There is not much traffic, and you will always have where to park, so this is good news.

staten island moving guide will take you to see the beautiful memorial building
A mixture of old and new is a perfect combination that can be seen on Staten Island


Staten Island moving guide includes a beautiful, peaceful lifestyle. With enough time and money this borough enables you, you will have a great life here. There is plenty of things to do on Staten Island, and the first thing you should do is go to the beach. Summer does not have to end, and you can enjoy the waves all year around. Moving on to delicious food in numerous restaurants, amusement parks throughout the island, and museums, parks, and great nightlife, you will not be bored here. We can guarantee you that.

Moving is never easy and it brings up a lot of challenges on an everyday basis. However, with this Staten Island moving guide, you will make your decisions easier and the move will be stress-free with the right movers. Staten Island has it all, from schools to parks. It has historical buildings and a great legacy, as well as modern architecture, which makes this combination rather perfect. Good luck!

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