The 5 best neighborhoods in Queens

Which are the best neighborhoods in Queens? Ok, let us start by giving you a few encyclopedic facts, just to break the ice. Queens (number of inhabitants: 2 million) is New York’s largest municipality by its volume. It represents the borough in that is ethnically most diverse. It is anticipated that Queens could beat Brooklyn by the number of inhabitants… And thus become the most populous municipality in NYC! Historically, the merging of small towns and villages formed Queens, which were founded by the Dutch settlers in 1683. Here you will find the Citi Field, the home of the New York Mets, as well as the ground where US Open tennis championship is held. In addition, there are also two of New York’s three major airports: La Guardia and John F. Kennedy.

So if you are planning to move, know that Queens is a residential part of New York where the middle class lives. This is all nice you say, but is it for me? Well, let’s name our favorites (in no particular order) so you can see.

One of the best neighborhoods in Queens: Long Island City

One of the best neighborhoods in Queens is Long Island City, located at the west of Long Island. It was declared as a separate city in 1870. Nowadays it’s the perfect spot for millennials with families, thriving artists looking for dynamic community, party people in their 30s and tech geeks.

The 5 Best Neighborhoods in Queens - a green house
One of the best neighborhoods in Queens is Long Island City.

Other neighborhoods are a uniformed, soulless group of gigantic steel constructions. And we will dare to say that Long Island City is distinguished by the fact that it contains something unique, poetic and psychedelic. With its inherent architecture and art, it could be said that the whole Long Island City is actually a subculture on its own, a full-fledged reality, a world for itself.

Astoria, a gastronomic heaven

Astoria is a perfect spot for singles, newlyweds without kids and commuters who don’t like changes. And no matter if you are moving to Queens long distance or residence, Astoria has something special to offer. Mainly, it’s the gastronomic fusion of all kinds of food. And the food is taken very seriously here! For centuries, New York has attracted people from all over the world. They brought culture, customs, and, most importantly, food to Queens. And there is an estimate that if one would have breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day in a different restaurant in New York, even a whole year would not be enough to get them all. That’s why it’s now possible to find all the world’s cuisines in this city here… And try out the flavors from the world’s farthest corners!

The Chinese Quarter and Little Italy are the parts of the city with the largest offer of these local cuisines. East Village is an excellent place for Japanese, Korean and Indian food. But – Astoria is the king of food in Queens! It is the best place for Greek, Mediterranean and Balkan cuisine. This is thanks to the fact that immigrants from these areas are located in this quiet part of the city next to the Eastern River. However, the location is not so important – restaurants are located at every corner and compete against each other in conceiving new, tasty meals every day.

Ridgewood, a funky mix of urban and corporate

Maybe you’re just thinking about a residential move to Queens, and you are considering Ridgewood, but are not quite sure. Well, let us tell you, Ridgewood is a really nice spot for discovering artists, bearded hipsters and has a great vibe that opens door to diverse families of any age. That’s why it’s on our list of the 5 best neighborhoods in Queens. Whether you are looking at the store, door, window or the most common ad banners, everything around here is embellished with some decoration of contemporary urban art. Also, in addition to the static decoration of the city, in Ridgewood, you will find dynamic and various performances of street artists and exhibitors, who only add to the city’s image.

a sculpture of the Earth
Everything around here is embellished with some decoration of contemporary urban art.

On the other hand, Ridgewood also has the nostalgic brown wood-worn color of pubs, bricks, jazz, and blouse, which stands out from the hallucinogenic psychedelic colors of the Manhattan. Certainly, here you will find also steel colors of important institutions. This all lives together in one neighborhood. In short, a mix of rock & roll and corporate suits.

Spot full of hidden green oasis’ – Flushing

Flushing may be your next choice when thinking about moving to one of the best neighborhoods in Queens. Before you decide for sure, just know that you can get a free moving quote that can help you decide where to relocate. So if you are wondering who is it for, well Flushing is a place for people that are into museums and parks, sports enthusiastic and food adventurers. It is certainly a neighborhood that has an atmosphere which cannot be transmitted or described but only experienced. And when we say experience, we mean to do it possibly at night.

This is the time when this neighborhood shines with millions of glittering colors that make you feel like in a three-dimensional video game. It is a place where you can dance all night but still live in a quiet house with a garden. So in Flushing, the concept of space gets a new dimension. It’s full of hidden green oasis’, which confronts the enormity of the Manhattan buildings.

Rockaway Beach, for nature lovers

And the last place on our list among 5 best neighborhoods in Queens is Rockaway Beach. A perfect spot for people who love the beach and enjoy in nature, that will fulfill all human need to register the colorfulness and shapes of NYC environment. But in Rockaway Beach, you can also find luxury and jewelry shops, and fancy restaurants. So you can spend the day in some of the modern theaters, museums, and galleries. Of course, on every corner, there is an interesting street performance or even festive event. If nothing else, there are exhibits and cafes all over the place. So if you have nothing better to do, you can sit down and have a cup of hot chocolate.

New York is a city that never sleeps

All in all, if you are thinking about what are the best neighborhoods in Queens, the answer is: you cannot be wrong with any. After all, New York is a city that never sleeps and where you can always have fun.

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