The best time to start planning your college move

Admission to college demands much preparation, but the planning does not end after you receive your acceptance letter. Once you’ve chosen a college, it’s wise to consider your living situation as soon as possible. Preparation is critical. It’s the difference between a hectic and a carefree move-in day. If you’re wondering what is the best time to start planning your college move, we have all the answers for you. And a few tips and tricks to help you acclimate to your new surroundings faster. Should you need any help, Queens movers are here for you. So how much time do you actually need to pack and prepare for your trip, and when should you begin? While the optimum time for you will vary depending on your schedule and personal preferences, the following guidelines will assist you in staying on top of things.

 planning your college move with friends
Starting college is one of the best life decisions.

When should you plan to move in?

Your school’s web calendar should include essential move-in dates. Bear in mind that freshmen often move in ahead of upperclassmen to attend a welcome orientation prior to the start of the semester. International and transfer students may participate in additional orientations and hence arrive on campus earlier than a regular freshman. Consult your school to determine the day on which your activities or orientations will commence. This is the latest day on which you may arrive on campus. It is suggested that you should not wait until the last minute to move in. You may require additional time to purchase forgotten goods, organize your new living area, and meet your new roommates, housemates, and neighbors.

Additionally, you must resist moving in too soon. If you are relocating off campus, contact your landlord to determine the start date of your lease. If you are relocating on campus, contact your school’s residential life office to ascertain the earliest date on which the dormitories will open. At several big colleges, such as New York University, move-in dates (or timeframes) vary per dorm assignment. Make a note of these critical dates. You are not permitted to move in sooner.

What is the best time to start planning your college move?

Planning a college relocation may be tiresome and stressful, regardless of how thrilled (or not) you are about leaving your hometown. Your relocation may be as straightforward as packing a few boxes of personal belongings or as involved as purchasing and transporting furnishings for a complete off-campus residence. Regardless of the specifics of your relocation, it’s critical to begin preparing early to ensure that you do all required tasks without adding undue stress to your summer.

Start at least four¬†weeks before moving into your dorm or apartment. This gives you plenty of time to prepare and avoid last-minute worry. It’ll also offer you plenty of time to shop for new items. Keep in mind that the final days can be highly emotional, and the last thing you want to deal with is monotonous tasks like packing. You can make use out of our packing services if you want to avoid the packing hassle altogether. We have comprised a guideline for you to remind you of all the tasks you need to do prior to moving.

a college student walking to class
The best time to start planning your college move is about four weeks prior to moving day.

Four weeks before the move

  • Hire reliable movers. If you choose to live off-campus, you will have to relocate heavy things like a washer, dryer, bed, etc. This suggests you’ll need help relocating. A reputable moving company like Westchester movers¬†can guide you through the procedure.
  • Ask family and friends for help. Difficult to compare to moving into an apartment or house. Since dorm rooms are usually completely equipped, you won’t be bringing anything bulky. So, while you may not require a professional mover, you may need assistance moving in. Asking for aid from friends and family will help.
  • Set up a time to pick up keys. Preparations for picking up keys at college are required. Move-in arrangements have likely been established for dorm rooms. This will entail picking up your keys. But apartments aren’t all alike. Contact the building management to arrange material pickup.

Three weeks before the move

  • Examine your dorm. Dorm rooms are notoriously tiny. So the organization is vital. You’ll need to optimize your room’s area.
  • Invest in organizing tools. After assessing your new home, it’s time to stock up on organized supplies. Crates, containers, and other storage alternatives help you organize your dorm room.
  • Declutter. College is temporary. So don’t pack up your whole existence. Leaving certain items behind or donating them frees up room in your dorm or apartment.

Two weeks before the move

  • Find your potential roommate. Normal college living entails sharing a room. Your college will likely notify you of your potential roommate and provide contact information. It is preferable to acquire this information quickly.
  • Pack up. Now is the time to start packing. You may leave a lot of clothes behind as you will likely visit home during big school breaks. Pack seasonal things to maximize your tiny space.

One week before the move

  • Check your accounts. If your dorm room is being paid for by financial aid or scholarships, check your student accounts to make sure it is properly paid. This will help avoid issues on moving day.
  • Get a parking pass. If you drive to campus, you will likely need to purchase a parking card. This permit prevents traffic penalties when parking on campus.
  • Wash it all. Now is the time to wash and prepare all goods for your dorm or apartment.

Moving day

  • Do a final sweep: Before embarking on your new trip, double-check that no details have been overlooked. From personal goods to crucial papers, it’s vital to double-check your trail.
  • Bid farewell to your loved ones. Your family will be ready to go home once you are situated. Thank them for their assistance and bid them farewell.
college student hugging their mom
Try to spend as much of your last days at home together with your family.

Moving into college housing is a fantastic experience and a life-turning event. But it also requires a lot of planning. So prepare yourself for what is next. We’d say that the best time to start planning your college move is right after you find out you’re accepted. About four weeks will be more than enough. In case you’re moving into an apartment, go through our college apartment checklist. And if you have any further questions or you need help with your move, don’t be afraid to contact us.


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