The cheapest way to move to Greenwich Ct with a large family

If you started getting moving quotes from moving companies NYC, you most likely saw that there are plenty to choose from – some cheap, some not very cheap. While moving on a budget is likely to cut full-service companies out of the picture, there are several more solutions to consider. But which is the cheapest way to move to Greenwich CT with a large family? Check out the general moving options to help you choose the right one for your situation.

Cheap ways to move to Greenwich Ct with a large family

Truck rental may be the service you are most familiar with, but this is not the only way to keep moving costs under control. Learn the pros and cons of various cheap moving methods:

1. Truck rental

It makes sense to think that doing more work will mean lower prices, but this is not always the case. In addition to the truck rental rate, there are additional fuel costs, taxes, duties, liability insurance, and travel. Add these costs to the total to make sure that you are actually booking the cheapest solution.

Moving truck
It is also useful to take a look at the distribution of miles and individual policies to see how they compare

2. Use a portable storage container

Portable storage can be a great way to cheaply move to Greenwich CT with a large family. But it can be expensive if you don’t know what to look for. When looking for a cheap moving container, take a look at the included services to confirm that you pay only for what you want. Many portable storage companies charge for 30 days of use, which may be too long for some people.

3. Send boxes by mail

A parcel delivery service, such as the US Postal Service, may be better for delivering just a few small boxes. But for transporting a lot of boxes or even several large ones, this may not be ideal. Most packages are priced by weight or size, so the cost can increase significantly with heavy or large items. For this option, you can only send items such as clothes, documents, or small boxes of books.

4. Take a bus or train

If you have a small number of things and do not have a personal vehicle, a bus or train can be a cheap way to travel. These services often have special rates and are generally more economical than flights, but they take much longer. With Greyhound you can bring up to 100 pounds of items in two bags. Amtrak allows you to take two personal items, two items of hand luggage, and up to four checked bags. Contact your transportation service for additional baggage restrictions and pet rules – these rules can make traveling on a bus or train more difficult. And not to mention that it is almost impossible to move oversized items this way.

Train station
But, if you need to move to Greenwich CT with a large family, then taking a train or a bus might not be a good idea

5. Sell everything and buy new things

Thinking of starting over with new items? For moving from a very small house or with fewer items, this can be a good option. However, buying new stuff for the whole family can often be too expensive. Although you can get good prices for your items, the cost of replacing them is usually much higher. Before you get rid of everything, check the prices of furniture and other items in your new city and compare with a moving quote.

Hire professionals for cheap relocation

If you need affordable prices and reliable service, then Greenwich CT movers may be exactly what you are looking for. This is an option that makes moving long distances simple and economical. They can finish your complete move, or simply transport the belongings you packed. Get an offer to see how cheap it can be to move to Greenwich CT with a large family.

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