The difference between binding and non-binding moving quotes

Decisions we make in life can be tough! Even with something as simple as moving! Moving anywhere within or out New York City requires special care and planning. And all of that costs money! Which is why movers often offer binding, non-binding and binding not-to-exceed moving estimates. In this chapter, we will discuss the difference between binding and non-binding moving quotes. That way you will know which one is the best for your needs.

What are binding and non-binding moving quotes

When it comes to binding moving quotes, it is fairly simple. Your movers will set a fixed price for your relocation, and it won’t change. The benefit of binding over non-binding moving estimate is that you will know exactly how much you will pay for your relocation. And you will have that information well before the moving day arrives. But have in mind that if you are having a binding moving estimate, they are usually a bit higher. When hiring your moving company, it is important to ask them everything you want to know. Consider it when calling your reliable movers NYC to help you with your relocation.

moving cost as one of the differences between binding and non-binding moving quotes
There is a difference in the moving price of binding and non-binding moving quotes

One of the downsides of binding moving quotes is you need to know exactly what you will move and when. Any bonus items you need to add up on your moving day, you will have to pay extra to transport them. To avoid any unnecessary costs and money loss, try to figure out exactly what you will move and what you will leave behind when you relocate your household or business. Also, some items can’t be held within the binding moving quotes. Because it is hard to figure out how much weight they will have, thus making it impossible to get a precise moving quote.

Non-binding moving estimate

As for non-binding moving quotes, the main difference between them and binding moving quotes is that they are not based on a contract. Meaning that the end price can vary by the time the relocation is finished. What determines the overall price of non-binding moving quote is the overall weight of the items you are moving. Because this is not based on a contract, the end cost may differ from the moving estimate the movers gave you. This can be the main difference between binding and non-binding moving estimate.

difference between binding and non-binding moving quotes - Coins and money
With the non-binding moving estimate, you may end up paying more or less

But that should not worry you! Most of the time, professional moving companies are quite reasonable and understanding of peoples situation as well as on the prices of moving on the market. Which is why it is important to know how to pick a right moving company! Although non-contract based moving quotes are eligible for scams, it probably won’t be a case if you hire professional movers.

Benefits of non-binding moving estimates

With non-binding moving estimates, it is sort of a gamble. Although the moving company will give you their most precise moving estimate, they can’t be certain that will be the final price. With non-binding moving quotes, you will have an approximate cost of the move. As we mentioned before, you can get scammed by the fraudulent moving companies. So you should try your best in avoiding them.

But, on the other hand, this is one of the most commonly chosen methods in the moving industry. And the movers will provide it free of charge. Meaning, you can get the local or long distance moving quote for free over the phone. If you are moving lightly, then non-binding moving quotes are just your thing.  Also, it is ideal for people who are moving in short notice.

Man showing thumbs up
Non-binding moving estimates are great for local moving

Also, the ”gambling” part of the non-binding moving estimate is that you may end up paying less than the initial estimate. We already mentioned that you are being charged based on the overall weight of your items. Meaning you can end up transporting fewer items if in the meantime you get rid of some unwanted ones.  Leading you to save more money on moving. Have this in mind when searching for the moving companies and looking for the most suitable moving rates!

What to ask your movers

So, you hired your movers and they are coming in to give you an estimate for your relocation. You can get your binding and non-binding moving quotes when your movers come to your house as well. But, you need to know what to ask them so you can get a precise answer! Some of the questions are:

  • How long it will take to deliver my items?
  • Are my items insured, and what about claims?
  • What sort of packing materials are you using to protect my items during relocation?
  • How are my items handled during the relocation?
  • Are your movers experienced?
  • Are you licensed?
  • Did you get your USDOT number? IF they do have, they should provide you with one, and you can check them on the US Department of Transportation website?
  • Are there any hidden costs?
  • Are you providing people with a written assessment of the moving quote?
  • What kind of moving estimate will you give me?
signs with question marks
Don’t forget to ask your movers about the details

With all these questions in mind, you should get a clear answer from your movers! As soon as they answer, you will know whether to hire them or not. And based on those answer, you will know if you are dealing with fraudulent movers or licensed professionals. The answers you get should be enough information you need to know before hiring a moving company!

To conclude

Binding and non-binding moving quotes have their own benefits! It all depends on what kind of move you are having. Long distance relocations are best with binding moving estimates. While short and local relocations are best when you get non-binding moving quotes. So in the end, it falls down to how and where you are relocating. We hope this article gave a clear idea of what you should expect from your movers. If you feel like we missed something, feel free to add a comment!

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