The easiest way to move a shed

Having a shed in your backyard is a great thing. However, when it comes to relocating said shed to another place, that is where trouble might begin. You may want to change your backyard a bit and the shed is in the way. The simplest solution is to employ the help of Jersey City movers. However, if you want to get your hands a bit dirty, you can move a shed on your own! In this article you will learn how to:

Move a shed in several easy steps!

Here are a few steps that will make your shed moving as easy as possible:

  • Clear everything out
  • Get proper tools
  • Clear the way
  • Jack it up!
  • Rollers for your shed
  • Move the shed
Get rid of unnecessary items first!

Clear everything out

The first step of moving a shed is the most obvious one. Clear out everything that is inside the shed. This will make it much lighter and, in turn, easier to move around. This way, you will also avoid damaging any of the items inside. So roll up the sleeves and get to emptying!

After that, you may want to enlist the help of a few friends. Depending on your own, and your friend’s strength, you may need anywhere between 1 and 10 friends for the job! However, in reality, you will usually need at most two or three people. That is, of course, if your shed is medium or small.

If you are looking to move your shed across the states, you will definitely need help from some of the interstate moving companies NYC. Simple as that, it is really a drag to do it on your own, but it is possible. If it is a bigger shed, then you might need larger tools and even more people. And it will cost more, in case of the moving company solution.

However you decide to proceed, the fact of the matter is that you will need:

Proper tools for the job at hand

There aren’t many tools that you will need for this particular task. Obviously, if you have access to a forklift or even a crane, go with it. It is, by far, the easiest way to move a shed. However, if you don’t have access to those wondrous inventions, then you will need additional, smaller, tools.

First, you will need pipes. You will need at least three, made from metal or PVC. Check out this moving a shed with PVC pipes article, for more information.  Ideally, they need to be a bit wider than the width of the shed but they can be as wide as the shed. You will also need an auto jack and at least two wood tracks. Where auto jack is concerned, any hi-lift, auto or a floor jack will serve for this purpose. Remember, the bigger the jack, the better. I recommend that you watch it before actually trying to move the shed.

After you have all the necessary tools, it is time to:

Clear the way for the trip

You will need to remove any debris that is present at the destination location. Additionally, you need to figure out where exactly the shed is going. This will be useful for determining the path the shed will take in arriving at a designated location. This path needs to be clear of debris and needs to have a flat surface, if possible. You may need some of the DIY moving equipment for the task, however. It will all depend on your particular circumstances.

Make sure that there are no obstacles, either overhead or below, that there are no electric lines or anything else in the way. A great way to rack up huge costs is if you accidentally cut a power cable or two while moving the shed. So don’t do it, make sure the way is clear.

Move your shed fast – clear the way for the trip!

After the way for your shed is clear, it is time to:

Utilize the jack!

With the road clear, it is time to jack it up! You want to jack up as high or even a bit higher than the combined height of wood tracks and rolling pipes. After doing so, it is time to insert the woodblocks. Do the same at the front end, as well.

Once this part is complete, it is time to insert the rollers and tracks.

Move a shed – Here come the rollers!

After the woodblocks are in place, the shed is ready for the tracks and the pipes. The tracks go first and on top of them go the pipes. You want to use the pipes as wheels of sorts. They need to be extended past the edge of the shed, providing you with some wiggle room. Once that is complete, your shed is ready to roll!

Moving the shed

Push it slowly along the pipes, making sure to add more pipes if required. You will be doing this until your shed is at its destination. The same pipes can be used over and over, as required. You simply grab the pipe from the back, as you push, and place it in the front.

If your shed needs some repositioning, you can do so by placing one person on each corner and swiveling it around to the proper position. After repositioning, the same process of inserting the woodblocks and jacking the shed up can begin.

It is always best to take everything easy, especially concerning larger things. Your shed can be a bit unwieldy and it might have some quirks of its own, that you also need to pay close attention to. More often than not, there are specific issues with any shed, which you need to take account of.

If you have come this far, that is it. Your shed is now in its new position!

Want to move shed fat and easily? Use pipes and ask friends for a little help!

Best way to move a shed – Shed hauler

If the abovementioned process is too difficult for you, or you can’t find anyone to help you, there is another option. Hiring professional help. There are many companies with the license and experience to move buildings such as sheds. Using a full service moving company comes with a lot of other benefits, as well. The whole process is not exactly cheap, but it does depend on your shed. It is up to you to figure out if the whole service is worth it.

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