The importance of writing a moving review

You should know that writing a moving review is a really good idea. This will help someone else decide which moving company to hire and why. Not to mention that you will be saying “thank you” to your moving company once again for doing a really good job. Good moving reviews are the main factor when some people decide to hire professional movers. Not only will they be able to relocate them safely, but their clients will also be able to trust a good moving company. Since there are some really bad moving companies out there that fake reviews, you could end up saving someone’s relocation by writing a review. Of course, you can also write a negative review if you are not happy with what your moving company did. Feel free to read our guide until the end for more information about this topic.

Things you should know before writing a moving review

Of course, there are some things you will need to know before you write anything. The most important thing is to make sure that you remain as objective and as honest as possible. Other people will be reading what you are writing about a certain moving company. There is, really, no place here for anything other than being objective. That way, a moving company might get praise if they deserved it, but also criticism if they are not doing their job properly. So, make sure that you rate your Brooklyn movers after they complete your relocation for you. All comments will help a good moving company, even the negative ones.

A man writing something on his laptop
It is a really good idea to write a moving review after your relocation

Yet another thing you should know is that some companies fake moving reviews. They do that by having someone write on their website about how good they are. They can even do that themselves, provided that they have someone who can do it. Of course, the point of leaving moving reviews is to give a brief insight into how a company works to potential clients. Naturally, fraudulent moving companies would rather fake the reviews in order to get more clients and, therefore, more money. Try to spot fake moving reviews when choosing a moving company. Also, make sure to be as honest and as objective as possible when rating a certain moving company. It will make a huge difference.

What can good moving reviews do?

Good moving reviews can, pretty much, guarantee that a moving company will be noticed by more people. This, in turn, provides more business for the moving company in mind. Of course, this only works if the moving company is actually really good. Otherwise, it would be lying to potential clients. However, good moving companies easily make a name out of themselves. Think of this one as rating a restaurant after having a meal there. You will, certainly, leave a positive comment if you were happy with the service. Likewise, you will also leave a negative one if you did not. That way, other people will know more about the place you have dined and, based on your experience, make their decision.

A woman reading moving reviews
People will read your review and decide if they want the same moving company or not

You can also promote the Queens best movers this way. If you are happy with the service you received, why not help them out? After all, they have done a lot for you – they have relocated your home successfully. We have mentioned that some fraudulent moving companies abuse this fact and, thus, get publicity. This is why it is always a good idea to comment on the service of a good moving company. It will make the fraudulent moving companies less “popular”, so to say. Even more, if a new client hires a good moving company, the fraudulent one will lose a customer.

Should you be writing a moving review about a bad moving company?

The answer is “yes”. You should write about your experience and you should write constructive criticism about it. After all, you have a right to not be satisfied with the work your moving company provided you. That way, the moving company would either try to step up their game or apologize to the client due to a bad review. Either way is constructive and it might help turn a bad moving company into a good one. So, make sure that you write a moving review before you are too focused on some of the best winter activities in Queens. Also, you should:

  • Describe the service you paid and what you got. This is really important. Some moving companies really excel in several moving and relocation fields while they are still learning some other ones. In short, a moving company that did not conduct a good long-distance relocation can be the best local moving company in your area.
  • Talk about professionalism. If your movers were disrespectful to you or if they were not professional, talk about that. Sometimes, a single bad seed can paint the entire field in a negative light. So, make sure that you write about how professional your moving company was.
  • The location is also important. As we said, some moving companies are better in some fields, while others are better in something else. So, your moving company might have relocated you to Houston, TX with little success. But they might have relocated plenty of people to New York City without any issues. Thus, location is also important.
Two people looking at their laptops
A moving company can learn from its mistakes if you write a constructive review

So, should you write moving reviews in general?

In general, writing a moving review is a really good idea. You will not only be helping other people, but you will also be providing feedback to your moving company. All good moving companies try to make sure that they have a good base of clients. Of course, they give it their best to make this happen. Your comment/review can either help a good moving company or help a bad moving company improve and become better. So, this is, in essence, the main reason why you should write reviews after your relocation. 

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