The nicest Jersey City neighborhoods for families

Moving tends to be stressful and complicated, and that goes for families even more so. You need to find a new place to call home, sell your old home, and move your entire life to a new location. Understandably, it can be a lot of work. What’s best for your children is just that you show a lot of empathy and you’re considerate of their needs. Of course, the first thing on your mind is where is a good place to move for the comfort of your children. That’s why we at Tik Tok moving and storage NYC have prepared a list of the nicest Jersey City neighborhoods for families. We know you want the best community and space for your children.

Define exactly what you’re looking for in a Jersey City neighborhood

Jersey City is an amazing place to call home. There are countless job opportunities due to the thriving economy. Healthcare and education are affordable and very high-quality. Not to mention how many family-friendly activities there are to do! So, without a doubt, Jersey City is an amazing place to start up a life with your family. But, you will need to choose the neighborhood which suits your needs most and remember to choose trusted Jersey City movers. We are aware that each family is different and people generally search for different things. So, when determining what it is you want, we recommend keeping the following in mind:

A family enjoying time on the grass
Families love spending time outside in Jersey City
  • Prices of homes
  • What kind of home you’re looking for (house, apartment, studio, loft, etc.)
  • Proximity to school and work
  • The proximity of parks, recreation, fun
  • Safety
  • Type of neighborhood (calm community, family community, modern community, etc.)

Many of the nicest Jersey City neighborhoods for families have all of these characteristics and more. Remember to discuss everything with your partner and include your children. Their transition will be all the better if you let them join in on decision-making. They will feel like they have a say in where their home will be, which they, of course, should.

Downtown Jersey City

Downtown Jersey City offers all the amenities of living in the city with the added plus of safety for your family. Many people with families choose this neighborhood because their jobs are close nearby. And it is considered a family-friendly neighborhood where you will likely meet new families. In Downtown Jersey City there are around 30,000 people which means you can meet people from various walks of life.

In Downtown, there is a wide variety of high-quality primary, secondary, and high schools. And for future reference, there are some amazing colleges and universities, all of which are located in safe areas. The proximity of the Hudson River offers some water fun during the summer months, and there are many theme parks as well as regular parks to take a stroll. So, family activities are in abundance.

A woman writing down a list
You can even jot down all of your needs and preferences to look over when considering neighborhoods.

Hamilton Park

Hamilton Park is actually placed at the top of our list of nicest Jersey City neighborhoods for families. First off, Hamilton Park has lower real estate prices attracting many young families who are looking to cut their cost of living. A lot of young families have moved to Hamilton Park from NYC and kept their jobs in NYC. The neighborhood has amazing new roads which make commuting pretty easy and quick. So, if you’re hiring interstate moving companies NYC, you can maybe even keep your job until you figure out what works for you.

As far as family-friendliness goes, Hamilton is on the top of the list. Almost all of the activities in Hamilton are connected to family in a way or are simply group activities. You will come across malls, cinemas, parks, restaurants, theaters, etc. Whatever you can imagine, Hamilton likely has a place for you. Additionally, there are many recreational kid-friendly centers to choose from. Not only will your children stay safe and active, but you will get some time for yourself and your spouse.


Another neighborhood to consider when moving to Jersey City is the Waterfront neighborhood. It is relatively new and it’s quite modern. Obviously, everything new and modern tends to be more pricey. Just keep that in mind when checking out our recommended neighborhoods. If you’re in the situation to live here, we can guarantee that you will not regret it. When everything is new and modern it means that practicality is a big part of the design. 

Most long-distance moving companies NYC would agree that the wide, clean streets in this neighborhood make relocation a dream. The parks are pristine and big, and the main attraction – the waterfront – is just amazing to look at. As far as schooling goes, you have a lot of schools to choose from. This time around there are even a few private schools if this is something you’re interested in for your children. Boredom is something unknown in Waterfront. With all the different parks, museums, the mall, cinema and much more who could get bored?

A family in a park
The new and well-maintained parks in Waterfront will amaze you.

How to choose from the nicest Jersey City neighborhoods for families?

Hopefully, our list has helped you narrow down some of your personal needs and wants. But, it isn’t unusual at all if you still can’t make up your mind. We would warmly recommend visiting the neighborhoods we’ve named, or even additional ones to feel them out. It’s very different reading about an area and experiencing this area. Recommendations from friends and family have always proved most reliable, so feel free to ask around. But, if you’re still unsure, you can consider hiring a real estate agent. Real estate agents always look for your best interests!

Among the nicest Jersey City neighborhoods for families, it is hard to come to a definite conclusion. Ask for help anywhere you can. There is no need to be shy or prove that you can handle everything by yourself. Your trusted moving company will be there to help you out each step of the way.


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