The ultimate guide for a successful moving day in NYC

New York City is a bustling metropolitan and one of the largest cities in the world. Many people love to live in the Big Apple. For this reason, NYC has a large influx of new people every year. If you want to be one of them, you need to prepare your relocation on time. Your moving day will come much sooner than you think. In order to avoid having your items damaged or misplaced, you should hire Tik Tok Moving and Storage NYC movers. In addition to this, you should consider moving day as the final stage of your relocationTherefore, here is the ultimate guide for a successful moving day in NYC as well as what you need to do before this day comes. 

All the preparation for a successful moving day in NYC  

When you should start preparing for your relocation? This depends on the size of your household as well as the time of the year of your relocation. As you might know, it is easier to move all the items from one small apartment than from a five-bedroom home. In addition to this, most people decide to move during the summer. For this reason, the summer is seen as the peak of the moving season. If you want to hire your movers in Jackson Heights NY in the summer, book the moving services at least two to three months in advance. Since you are living in NYC or at least planning to live here, make sure to hire movers a couple of months in advance. It is almost impossible so relocate on your own in one of the biggest cities in the world. 

You will need your planner for a successful moving day in NYC
In order to have a successful relocation, plan everything properly

Preparing your items 

As mentioned, if you want to have a successful moving day in New York City, you have to prepare everything well in advance. This includes your items as well. First of all, you have to decide what you will move and what will stay behind. This means decluttering your home before the move. After this, you need to gather all the necessary packing supplies and these include moving boxes, bubble wrapping, packing peanuts, tape, moving straps, and similar. You can get all of these from your moving company or you can try to gather them by yourself. Usually, people like to donate their moving boxes after their relocation. You can even get them for free. In addition to this, you need to know how to pack your items properly. The success of your moving day depends on your packing and organizational skills.  

More things for a successful moving day in NYC 

Since most people live in the building, you need to notify your neighbors about your upcoming move. You will have movers entering and leaving your apartment thus making a noise. For this reason, you have to inform your neighbors. If you fail to do this, you might end up paying some penalty fees. Apart from this, you should also make a reservation for a parking place and for the elevator. It is extremely hard to find a parking place, especially for the moving truck. For this reason, if you want to avoid paying additional fees to the moving company, reserve a parking place. The same applies to the elevator as well. If movers need to use stairs instead of the elevator, you will have to pay for their efforts. 

cars parked outside
You should make a reservation for the parking space for the moving truck

A day before your relocation 

Now it is time to make all the arrangements for the moving day. First of all, you need to think about your meals. It will be impossible to actually cook something. For this reason, you can either order something or make simple meals before the moving day. This also depends on whether you’re going to move your kitchen appliances. In addition to this, you also need to make arrangements for your kids and pets. It would be best if you can find someone to look after your children and pets. This person can either be a babysitter or someone close to you. It would be better if your kids and pets can stay in a place where they will be safe. Lastly, do not forget to go over your items once again to see if everything is prepared. 

How to have a successful moving day in NYC? 

Here is how you can survive your morning day in NYC. If you follow these steps, you will be able to relieve some stress caused by your relocation. 

  • Wake up early – but also try to get a good night’s sleep before your big day. 
  • Have breakfast – it is going to be extremely difficult to survive the moving day if you don’t have any energy. For this reason, you need to eat something in the morning. 
  • Stretch your muscles – moving is almost like exercising. For this reason, you need to stretch before you try to lift and carry large and heavy items. 
  • Wear comfortable clothes – this is self-explanatory but only wear clothes that are comfortable. 
  • Help your movers – you can see if you can help your movers or if it’s better to let them work alone. 
woman stretching with her toddler
Make sure to stretch your muscles in the morning of moving day

All the tips and tricks 

As you can see, good preparation is the key to success. After your movers are done with loading the moving truck, you should just take one final look around your home to see if nothing is left behind. Then, you need to clean your home, especially if you over renting that place. If you want to receive your security deposit back, you need to have the place cleaned before moving out. In addition to this, pay attention if movers or you caused property damage. You will need to fix it before you hand over your keys to a landlord. Lastly, check with your movers the date of your delivery, and do not forget to take your essential bag with you. 

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