The ultimate guide to storing Christmas decorations

We all love this festive time of the year when everything is shining. There are decorations and lights everywhere! But dealing with them later after the fun is over can be a problem. We will help you with storing Christmas decorations the most effective way we know.

Use cardboard and plastic boxes as well

If you like most people are storing Christmas decorations in a garage, then boxes are the right package for them. Imagine you are moving to Queens and gather up as many boxes as you can. The cardboard boxes are for the lights. Wrap the lights around cut-up parts of cardboard boxes to keep them from tangling. Then store it like that in plastic containers to keep them from the moist. You do need them for the next year and it is expensive to buy new light each Christmas.

Cardboard boxes used when storing Christmas decorations
You can use cardboard boxes when storing Christmas decorations

Shrink your tree

If you are using the cut-up tree then you have no problem storing it. But if you are using the artificial tree, like most people, making that huge thing go away is not an easy task. Storing Christmas decorations can be such a nightmare sometimes. No worries, because we come bearing gifts in forms of advice. Use plastic food wrap to wrap up your tree. This way you will shrink it enough you can hide it behind the garage door! Moving companies Stamford CT will thank you for this. Clever, huh?

a Christmas tree
You can wrap your tree in plastic wraps and keep it safe till the next year

Use sealed plastic bags for storing Christmas decorations

You might have a different color craze the next year. This means storing Christmas decorations in resealable plastic bags would be a good idea. That way you can clearly see what is where and what do you want to use next year. Then place the bags in the plastic containers we mentioned to keep them safe and sound.

plastic bags
You can use plastic bags when you are storing your Christmas decorations

Use what you have at home to help

A lot of things you are used to throwing away can help you in storing Christmas decorations. Plastic bottles work great for beads that go on the tree. Carboard box from the bought eggs at the store or plastic cups also work great for decorations. If you do not have containers than using egg boxes will come in handy to keep them safe from breaking. There are plenty of Chrismas storing supplies to buy as well.

Use a hat box for your Christmas Wreaths

A clever trick is to use your old hat box to store Christmas Wreaths in. If you are not so lucky to have a hatbox, it can be stored the same as the tree. Just gently wrap it up in plastic or hang it in the back of your closet. Just make sure to cover it so it doesn’t pile up dust over the year. The closet is a good place to store decorations if you are living in a tight space.

Storing Christmas decorations can be quite a scientific process if you are not experienced. We hope we helped you clear up your space after the holidays. Keeps your spirits up just like you did at Christmas!

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