The ultimate list of moving supplies

For someone – a genuine pleasure while for others moving is, well, a pure torment. Most probably you will not be able to sleep, you’ll be overwhelmed, you’ll feel crazy about making decisions, while at time sobbing and being quite irritable… Yeah, we know the feeling. Even if you clone yourself to do everything, it is very likely that you will at one point be on the edge of your nerves. Because some things will be out of your control! Still, the good news is that in some cases you will be able to take over that lost control… And make the whole move easier! To help you with that, we created what you need: an ultimate list of moving supplies from the best moving company. So go ahead – put a smile on your face! With our list, this can actually be a fun process.

Create a list of tasks before the list of moving supplies

Before we give you the ultimate list of moving supplies it would be great to remember to make a list of tasks for moving. And we know you have a lot of questions about moving. Because realistically, you have a lot of obligations and things to do while moving.

Moving Supplies - cardboard boxes
Get boxes in all sizes when creating a list of moving supplies

So before you start to pack the boxes, first make a list of things you will need to do. Also, it would be great to make a list of things that you need to pack and which you must not forget to take with you (carpets, curtains, lamps, etc).

Boxes – in all sizes

The first things on your list of moving supplies are the boxes. So even before you consider hiring a moving company, get boxes. And when we say boxes, we mean get boxes in all sizes and shapes… Or choose a residential moving company that will get you moving boxes! Probably the best boxes are the one from liquor because they are mostly thick and solid. For your clothes and sheets, you should get big boxes like the ones from electric devices and furniture. A good alternative for softer things could be plastic bags (for 120 liters) that you can buy in any bigger supermarket.

Thick, brown adhesive tapes

This is a second ultimate item on our ultimate list of moving supplies. Because besides boxes, you will need at least 20 rolls of brown adhesive tapes. They should be 5 to 7 cm wide. So no regular (scotch) adhesive tape because you cannot glue anything with it.

Plan ahead for a chance of stress-free relocation

Remember, glue the tape to the bottom of every box to make it stronger. Also, empty the drawers when removing them from closets or other furniture. Put a sticker or a label on each drawer and board, with the mark of the corresponding element and the mark of the place where the element should be affixed. Connect a few drawers with brown adhesive tape. They are simpler and faster to carry in this way.

Sponges, old newspapers, etc.

Collect coating materials such as newspapers, scissors, polystyrene, cloths, cardboards, sponges, vacuum foil, bubble wrap foil, etc. Create a moving kit: scissors, brown adhesive tape, knife, multi-colored markers, meter. Give this kit to any person involved in the moving process. When packing fragile things such as plates, put them in plastic bags, and place cardboard between each plate. Then fold them in an upright position (not horizontal). Of course, always write down the condition of the furniture before you start moving. And always choose a professional local moving company that you can rely on to move that furniture into one piece.

Labels and markers

Get labels, stickers or just plain papers to mark the moving boxes. Write the contents of the box on the label and be as detailed as possible. Number the boxes in different colors. In this way, you can know right away in which room the box belongs to.

a checklist
Make a checklist

For example, the living room can be black, kitchen and storage red, the bedroom is green, the hallway is blue, etc. A red marker can also clearly indicate boxes that contain something fragile. Besides, you can actually get or make label fragile and glue them on boxes from all sides.

The essentials box

While in the moving process, you should always prepare the essential things you will need in the first few days of the move and keep them at hand. Those can be:

  • Personal documents (passport, ID card, birth certificate, medical ID)
  • address book or directory. Because you can lose your phone, and you may need an analog phonebook
  • contracts for the sale / purchase / replacement of the apartment / house
  • contract with a telephone company
  • certificates of paid invoices
  • medicines that you regularly take
  • installation CD drive programs from your computer and back up files
  • pajamas, wardrobe, socks, toiletries, clothes for about a week
  • pet food and all other necessities

Packing order

Once you have your list of moving supplies, don’t forget about the packaging order. Always pack the electronic devices in the original boxes (if possible). Make sure copies of all important data from the hard disk are back up. Store installation CDs and DVDs to a safe place. Put up to 20 kg of stuff into moving boxes. Heavy, bigger things should be packed in a single box, while lighter ones should be together in one box. If you want to pack books, fill the boxes halfway. The other half should be reserved for lighter objects.

In the end, at the very top of the list of moving supplies is your patience. Try to think in advance and list as many items as you can. With this, remember to get as many boxes as you can hire a reliable moving company and you’re good to go.

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