The ultimate unpacking checklist

So, you have just finished your relocation and are ready to unpack your boxes! Good for you! All that is left is to figure out the proper order of the unpacking! Luckily, we thought about that problem and decided to writhe the ultimate unpacking checklist you should follow in order to have a fast and easy unpacking! Just follow our guide through, and you will settle in your new home in no time at all!

The first-aid bag is on the top priority on the unpacking checklist!

We can’t speak about the unpacking checklist if we do not talk about the first-aid bags! That’s right! Those bags must contain items that will help you get through those rough couple of days after you move in! This means you will have canned food, basic clothes that you will wear, some blankets, sheets, pillows, medicine, etc. But, depending on the season and how much you will bring with yourself, you will have fewer items for the first aid bag. You can always ask your Brooklyn movers for additional advice about it!

A bag on the floor as a part of the ultimate unpacking checklist
Having a first aid bag is on top of the ultimate unpacking checklist

Unpack bathroom and toiletries

Nothing feels better after a long relocation as a good bath! That is why you should put the bathroom as one of the top priorities on your unpacking checklist! We all know how relaxing a good bath can be! It really helps us get all the stress out of our system! This will allow us to unpack other items with ease and no stress! If you have reliable and good Greenwich CT movers you won’t feel any stress at all!

bunch of toiletries
Unpack your bathroom and toiletries as soon as you can

Feel free to make a little snack

In the upcoming unpacking process, you will have to refill your energy in order not to collapse from exhaustion! This is where knowing how to make refreshing meals fast! It will easily boost up your energy and let you tackle the unpacking process with ease!

Bedroom is next

Although some say that unpacking the bedroom is the last thing you need to do, we believe quite the opposite! On the unpacking checklist, getting the bedroom ready is one of the best things you can do for yourself after the move. Because nothing beats the feeling of knowing your bed is ready for you after a long day of unpacking and settling in! And having a good sleep is just one of the ways to relax after a stressful relocation!

a bedroom
Make sure you unpack your bedroom as soon as you can

Kitchen and living room

Because you didn’t need all the appliances and other necessities when unpacking the first aid bag, you should leave the kitchen and living room for the last on the unpacking checklist! There are already enough things you need to do, so these are not that important. After you are done with everything you can tackle the question of what to do with what is left of packing materials!

This is what we believe is the ultimate unpacking checklist you should follow after you are done with your move! For more good tips and tricks, stick around our blog!

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