Things to know before moving to New York

They say that people either love or hate New York… But let’s face it – nobody really knows anybody who hates it! It’s also hard to say anything new about NYC, as it seems that it’s all have been said and done here. Still, it’s different when you summarize what you think of the city lying on the confluence of the Hudson and East River, and then seeing it for yourself. If you are about to move, you certainly have a lot of questions. And maybe the most important one is: is it true that anyone who comes to New York eventually falls in love with it? Or is it just another myth? So to separate fantasy from reality, here are some of the things to know before moving to New York.

New Yorkers are always on the rush

One thing that you probably think and it’s definitely true: people here are always going somewhere, and have no time to waste! New Yorkers do not have the patience to wait in line. So they will immediately make a fuss if you slow them down in anything… Because they are terribly late! So you definitely need time to get used to this. And also to accept and love every detail in this city, where 9 million people live.

moving to New York - woman in front of the train
Are you moving to New York?

However, you may like the rush in general. So if you like this idea and are just moving to New York, you can consider hiring a moving company that will take care of your relocation from start to finish. In this way, you won’t waste time on unnecessary things and you can concentrate more on your work.

See the authentic New York

If you want to quickly and relatively easily feel the authentic energy of New York, sneak into Central Park, especially on the weekends. Here, you can watch how New Yorkers eat on the grass, jog, enjoy in nature… Our extra tip is to feel the grass on Sheep’s Meadow. This famous lawn has been filled with grass to the last millimeter from the beginning of May to mid-October. And if you feel that Central Park is your thing, and you want to spend it all day there, book a table in the restaurant Boathouse. This is a great place to grab lunch or have a glass of wine by the lake. You will enjoy the beautiful view, although there are no swans and ducks (just turtles and fish).

It’s a city full of diversities

New York is a place where people from all around the world live and work together. They have different nationalities, religions, and race – not to mention sexual orientation. That’s why people can become anything they want to be and be accepted by society. We know that it may not be a big shock as when you are moving locally from New Jersey to NYC,  but if you are moving from other places, this can surprising at first.

NYC at night
NYC is a place where everybody minds their own business

However, this is the reason why people in this city are more tolerant and patient – despite the hectic way of life. Still, NYC is a place where everybody minds their own business and look for their own place under the sun so they can appear selfish.

It may not be the love at first sight

Before moving to New York many people may have told you that you will fall in love with it. But it may not happen straight away and you may wonder what is wrong with you. We admit, sometimes New York can look bad. At moments it can be terribly dirty, there are huge crowds in the streets, the metro may be old and you have the impression that everything is falling apart. Still, try finding some places that suit you. Once you finish your residential move, you may like Queens and Brooklyn better than Manhattan, and that’s ok. You also may need a couple of months to get used to it and feel the real connection to the city.

How to feel more like home

Once you are finished moving to New York you can find places that locals go to. In this way, you will feel more like home and connect to the whole NYC vibe. If you like going outdoors, try Central Park (as we already said). If you want to breathe in the fresh air, the truth is, there are not many restaurants and cafes with gardens in New York… So rooftops and gardens on roofs of buildings are popular.

taxi vehicles in NYC
We admit, sometimes New York can look bad.

If you want to get a glimpse of the magnificent Manhattan from above, and you cannot wait for a huge line in front of the famous Empire State Building, you can reserve a table in the Signature Room. In this cult café, located at Rockefeller Center, you can have a drink on the 95th floor. It will cost you about $ 20, but you will enjoy the unrealistic view with the locals, away from the tourists.

More local tips

Be sure to take a walk in the High Line. This place is proof that everything is possible in New York. This old abandoned railway is becoming the most popular walking rail… Plus the favorite exhibition space for artists around the world. High Line extends from Gansevoort Street to the West Thirty-Four, between the Tenth and Eleventh Avenue. It is 2.33 kilometers long and is the most popular spot in western Manhattan. The view on it is wonderful, and on the rail itself, you will enjoy trees and interesting plants, although only 45 cm of soil is planted on the path. On numerous benches, you will find New Yorkers that meditate, read books… Or they simply think about life, looking from high above to city jungle.

All in all, it’s hard to describe the city before moving to New York. Sometimes it’s enough to cross the street, and you enter another world. And that difference is what makes it unique. Every city has its own customs, and cultures here are more intertwined then anywhere else.

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