Things to know when moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn

Very often, when people say New York, they are actually thinking of Manhattan. And it is true; there are people who declared themselves as New Yorkers only if they live in Manhattan… And it seems that most people agree with this statement! However is New York really only Manhattan, and vice versa? Because once you feel all the charms that this island has to offer, fancy parts like Park Avenue, the busy shopping streets, 5th Avenue, Central Park, the former hippy quarter East Village and always trendy SoHo, you may get tired of it all. So now it’s time to relocate to some, perhaps, quieter boroughs, like lovely Brooklyn. And here are things to know when moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn, so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Brooklyn is a brand too

Moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn may look like it’s an interstate moving, but trust us, it isn’t. It’s simply moving from one part of the city to another. And it’s completely normal that these areas look, sound and even smell different. But living (or working) in Brooklyn is a thing too! Before becoming a global brand, Brooklyn was just the end in which people live… And a lot of people! From Bensonhurst to Park Slope, this popular area of the city of New York was perhaps the most diverse.

suitcase-Moving From Manhattan to Brooklyn
Moving From Manhattan to Brooklyn – is it hard?

The modern pop culture here often honored Brooklyn culture. From Spider Lee’s films – that sinful critic of gentrification – to the novels of Jonathan Leatham and Jennifer Egan. Recently, writers such as Adelle Waldman or directors as Noah Baumbach have tried to bring about the sudden changes that are taking place in this borough. They are pointing out to all its consequences for rent, real estate, love, culture… Before it became a hub of yappy millionaires with baby carriages.

Why are people moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn

But Brooklyn is surely not just that. And no matter if the reason for your relocation is commercial moving or simply because you need a change, you will certainly feel different. Probably you are among those people who, at least in a moment, think that they should move to a cleaner, healthier place. And what place is the center of NYC – but better than the Manhattan? But the real question is: is this really an ideal solution?

Of course, the answer to this question is almost redundant. If you decided to move, then it’s official because there cannot be a perfect solution in life. It’s certainly a better choice if you have children who go to elementary or high school. And even better, if you are one of those lucky ones who have small children, who do not go to kindergarten yet or you have finally received a pension… Then relocation to Brooklyn is the best possible step you can make!

How to move efficiently to Brooklyn

Do not be distracted by some, not so important things such as choosing a home in which you will live or a way of moving. Do not forget to live in a modern world that offers us many opportunities so moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn is pretty easy. And the best option is to hire a professional moving company but specialized in local movingbecause they know all the streets and the procedures.

young girl on a bridge
Moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn is pretty easy

Movers can literally pack your stuff, load it in a van or truck specifically designed to carry things – even those more sensitive and fragile – and simply take them to your new home in Brooklyn. In addition, the moving team can also unload your stuff into a new house, so you just need to hire them, negotiate details and pay for their service.

Reasons to move to Brooklyn

And now let’s see what are the reasons for and against Brooklyn relocation. Why move and what this change in your life can bring to you well and what may be bad. If you originally come from a smaller place and want to move here, you won’t feel much difference. This is because Brooklyn lives and functions as in many other cities throughout the country. However, if you live in Manhattan or even bigger places, and yet you are thinking of moving, it may easily happen that you need a certain amount of time to get used to a completely different way of functioning.

grand central
You will need a certain amount of time to get used to a completely different way of functioning.

What are the benefits of moving to Brooklyn? Certainly less noise, more places to park and more opportunities for outdoor activities that your neighbors will tolerate. Therefore, a person who moves to Brooklyn may not only be healthier but also happier. This is because you will not be bombarded daily with different impulses. This is often the case in Manhattan which, as is the case in urban environments, at every step you hear or see a commercial for something. On the other side, you may spend more time on public transport or while driving in a city. In this way, you can get more nervous or listen to various negative stories. Also, there may be a lack of certain markets that you are used to.

In the end, if you are just thinking about moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn, it’s all up to you and your preferences. Relocation is always a change. And Brooklyn and Manhattan are different. So whatever you decide, you will certainly change your way of life. So good luck and happy move!

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