Tips and tricks for avoiding common roommate issues

Sharing your living space is a pretty common situation for many people in big cities. Big city life is expensive and a person can not often deal with it on their own. If a significant other or a family member is not around, we tend to turn to finding a roommate. Some common roommate issues can occur from time to time, but nothing we can’t help you solve.

Priority amongst common roommate issues is messiness

If you are a tidy person and your roommate is chaotic and messy it can drive you nuts. Not having enough time to deal with your own stuff and yet alone theirs is a trigger for many people. Movers Fort Lee NJ can do their side of the job, but can your roommate do theirs?  If one is used to a clean space and the other is not it can lead to great misunderstandings and a lot of fights. One side will always feel like a parent and have a huge burden on their back, always nagging and complaining. The other side will feel pressured and abused by the tidy one.

Mess as one of the common roommate issues
Messiness is one of the common roommate issues

This problem has a simple solution if you can agree to respect a deal. Sit down with your roommate and express your feelings. You will both come to the conclusion that it is best to meet in the middle. Take one day a week to clean your home completely with combined effort to avoid these common roommate issues.

Different lifestyles can be a huge problem

If you are young and living with someone, chances are your rhythms do not match. Maybe one person is a party animal while the other loves to be wrapped up in a blanket like a burrito. One is always complaining about the parties and the noise while other is complaining about feeling like in a retirement home.

people talking
Different lifestyles can cause some issues

The key to many common roommate issues even this one is compromise and communication. Interstate moving companies NYC always respect their side of the deal. So you can too with your roommate. Take a few days a week to be a couch potato with your roommate, and some other days to party together.

Sharing is not always caring

As the first two problems show us, one is always more open than the other. And much more comfortable with everything. This means your roommate can sometimes borrow items you do not wish to share. If the communication doesn’t work here there is another solution.

a grumpy porcelain man
Sometimes people find it hard to share some items

Solve this problem by looking up places where you can buy a safe. Explain that the safes are for your most precious belongings you do not wish to share. By giving your roommate a safe on their own you are showing them that you respect their privacy. As much as you would want yours to be respected. Common roommate issues can usually be solved without a fuss. Or simply lock your closet.

Common roommate issues can seem way more problems than they actually are. They are similar to the one we had with our parents. So no worries, nothing that a little chat over coffee can’t solve.

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