Tips for a successful job relocation in NYC

Often, when you want to move up the corporate ladder or simply find better employment, you need to relocate. Job relocation in NYC can be stressful – navigating the NYC housing market and moving is not easy. You need to ask yourself: do you really want it? You should only move for a job if you are truly motivated. We’re not saying it’s impossible (far from it), but it is life-changing. There are many things you will need to take care of to have a successful relocation. The first step is simple, you should hire the best moving companies NYC provides. With professional assistance, your move will be much smoother. Let’s talk about the rest. 

What makes job relocation in NYC difficult?

When you are moving because of a new job, you are usually doing four things at once: finding a new home, selling your old one, moving, and mastering a new job. None of these tasks are easy, and doing them at the same time is stressful. However, you can navigate them properly if you give yourself enough time. If you are a tenant, this is one of the rare times in life that you’ll be glad you don’t own your own home. By avoiding the selling process, you are saving a lot of time and energy. You still need to cancel your lease and take care of any outstanding bills, but that’s much simpler. If you are selling your own home and finding a new one, it’s advisable to get professional help. You can do it personally, but then you must account for the extra time it will take you.

Man working at a desk.
Job relocation in NYC takes work, but you can do it with the proper planning.

Once you have your housing situation sorted out in theory, you’ll still need to organize the move itself. Once again, hiring local movers NYC will expedite the entire process. Finally, starting a new job is not easy. Besides the job itself, you need to get to learn about the inner dealing of your new workplace. On top of all that, you are in a new place. You will need to get to know the community, make friends, and build a support network. However, these are things you can take your time with until you become comfortable. You should view it as starting a new adventure. Now that we’ve dealt with the difficulties of job relocation in NYC, let’s talk about how you can make it as successful as possible.

Research your company’s job relocation package

Many employees forget to check whether their company offers a job relocation package or benefits. While not every company does, it’s worthwhile to contact their representatives to find out. Job relocation in NYC can be expensive, so you should make use of anything you are offered. The package can include a lot of things – they could cover your travel expenses when you are searching for a new home. They could cover the full-moving costs or have contracts with local movers. For instance, if you are moving to the Bronx, you could get a significant discount from Bronx movers through your company. They may even offer temporary housing.

Job relocation in NYC.
Many companies in NYC offer perks to employees who move for a job, so make sure you use them to your benefit.

There are a lot of job relocation benefits you may get, but you’ll have to ask for them. If you live with a partner or have children, remember to ask about them, too. Your company may provide job search assistance for your partner. You could also get discounts or get to the top of the list for good private schools in the area. Some of these benefits will be offered freely to entice people to work at their company. For others, you may be able to negotiate for, as part of your contract. Even if you plan to move regardless of the benefits, you have nothing to lose if you check it out.

Find a new home

When it comes to job relocation in NYC, finding a new home is one of the biggest challenges. In the best-case scenario, you’ll be able to move into your new home as soon as you leave your old one. However, even if you need to use temporary housing, it’s not the end of the world. As long as it doesn’t last too long. When searching for a new home, make sure you count the cost of living in the area and not just the price of the home itself. In NYC, the cost of everyday living can vary drastically. You need to factor it when you go home-hunting. Also, don’t discount the commuting distance to your new job. A 1-hour commute may not seem much at the beginning, but over time it can add up.

Two high-class apartments next to each other.
Finding a new place is one of the most difficult tasks when you want to move.

Prepare for the move

Finally, once you have everything else in order, you’ll need to prepare for the move itself. If you give yourself enough time, this will be one of the easier parts of relocating. Here’s a moving tip – hire movers well in advance. Summer is the peak moving season and the prices are higher. If you move during the off-season and hire your movers in advance, you can negotiate a much lower price. Also, don’t forget about storage. Let’s say your new job is in Queens, but your new home has less space. You should contact storage Queens and see what they offer. There’s no reason to throw your stuff away if you can store it until you figure out what to do with it. 

Bringing it all together

Once again, job relocation in NYC takes work. You need to find a new place and move in. On top of that, you’re starting a new job. Expect the first few months to be draining. However, there’s a good reason you’ve decided to move, right? Don’t view your move as an obstacle, but as an adventure. Make plans and take them one step at a time. Even if something doesn’t work out initially, don’t be discouraged. Most things that are worth it require a few tries. Your life will improve once you settle in. Good luck with your new job!

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