Tips for moving from NY to NJ

When it comes to a short distance and local moving there are several tips you need to know. From how to organize your move, to how to pack first and last. This is why we wrote an article covering the topic of moving from NY to NJ! So you won’t have to worry about it, and just prepare your relocation with ease! Continue reading to find out more about this!

Get all the supplies before moving from NY to NJ

When it comes to local relocation, you don’t have to be especially prepared like with long distance moves. But there are certain things you need to get before you plan your move.

moving from NY to NJ - Jersey City
Although NYC is great, you will also love NJ

Some of those things you need to prepare are:

  • Moving boxes – which are of great help if you happen to get them from your local stores, book stores, etc. But most importantly, if you can’t find them for free before moving from NY to NJ, you can always ask your local movers NYC for help. See if they can offer packing services and moving boxes.
  • Packing and duct tapes – They are perfect when you need to seal the moving boxes Especially if there are some items you need to protect.
  • Wrapping materials – most of the time, people use household items such as old fabrics, paper, sponges, or they buy packing peanuts.
  • Markers for labeling – it is easy to get lost in the packing commotion, which is why you need to label every moving box.
  • Scissors and packing rope, for obvious reasons.

Packing materials are essential for proper packing and successful relocation! You need to get them all before moving from NY to NJ. Make sure you know what kind of packing supplies you need if you have some expensive items to transport!

Make a moving plan

It is better to make a moving plan than to do everything by heart! If you plan everything ahead, you won’t have to think about any issues that can happen if you rush things! Start planning your relocation several weeks ahead. Even though it is a local short distance relocation, it is good to take your time to properly prepare for the move. During this period, you can search for reliable movers in your area! If you spend enough time for this, then you will hire professionals for sure!

Hands showing idea - plan - action
The moving plan will make your relocation easier

Purge your items

You know how moving cost is based on the distance and the number of items you are transporting! Well, the fewer items you need to carry, the lower the cost. This is especially important if you are moving from NY to NJ! Because NJ is not any cheaper than NY! So there are few ways to deal with excess items in your household. For instance, you can:

  • Sell those items on the garage sale or Craigslist and earn some money. You can further use that money for some better service from your moving company
  • Donate the items to people who really need them or to humanitarian organizations. This is a very noble deed and you will lower the number of items you need to transport to a minimum!
  • Give them a gift to your friends who helped you in any way This is a perfect opportunity to repay them for any favors they did for you. Especially if they helped you with packing and moving.
antique items on yard sale
Organize a yard sale to earn money

Living in an overly cluttered home can be mentally exhausting! Which is why it is important to purge your items before you start planning your relocation. Have in mind that there is a lot of upcoming stress with the moving! So you do not need this one as well. But, purging is just one of the ways to deal with relocation caused stress!

See if you need a storage unit

This depends on whether or not you are moving to a smaller home or apartment! Moving from NY to NJ is not easy if you are downsizing. And especially if you have some valuable items you can’t get rid of. So, the next best thing is to rent a storage unit. Depending on the value of the items you will need a different kind of storage unit. Or if you need to keep them in special conditions! But remember, any special service from a storage unit will require extra money. So make sure you have that in mind when planning to rent a storage unit!

moving from NY to NJ - storage units
You can always store items you don’t use in storage units

Hire a moving company

After you acquired enough packing materials and made a moving plan it is time for that final step. You need to hire reliable movers before moving from NY to NJ. Once again, you need to pay attention to some of the details that will give you an insight into how good the moving company is. The following factors are what indicates you are dealing with the professionals:

  • You need to check if they don’t have any legal issues with the US Department of Transportation. You can simply enter their USDOT number and if nothing pops up, you are good to go!
  • Check the feedbacks of their former customers. Yes, this is very important since it will show you what kind of experience they had with that certain moving company.
  • Ask them about their equipment and workers experience! This is quite important since you do not want to leave your items in amateurs hands. Or if you have something expensive to transport in some bad truck.

Moving from NY to NJ is simple if you follow our little guide! It will give you a strong idea on what to pay attention to! Not to mention a huge amount of stress relief you will have after knowing what to do! If you wish to add something to this guide, feel free to do it in the comment section!

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