Tips for moving with pets

Relocation is one of the most stressful situations in every person’s life. And when it comes to our pets, the situation is even worse! In all that chaos that happens during moving preparations, your pet becomes completely confused. It cannot understand why are there all these boxes, bags and other things laying around. That’s why every owner has the task of helping his four-legged friend make it easier to overcome this very unpleasant experience. So today we’re giving you ultimate tips for moving with pets!

Prepare yourself first

Before you start preparing for moving with pets, prepare yourself first. Make a detailed moving plan and write down everything that comes to your mind and what you think is important in the relocation process. If you want to hire a moving company, search for reliable residential movers in NYC. Alsoask your friends who have recently moved and look at the offer online.

moving with pets - gray dog
Moving with pets can be relatively easy with good organization

There are many options, and every company should have a detailed description of its services on its website. Also, many moving companies offer a free quote on the moving services, so make use of this feature.

Prepare your pet for a move

Once you have a moving plan and you find a reliable agency, it’s time to dedicate yourself to your pet. Dogs adapt relatively easily to new situations, but there are many things that you should consider. If you are planning a long distance move, talk calmly to your pet often, act positively and spend more time interacting with it.

Also, try to keep the daily routine of your dog as much as you can. Dogs are creatures that stick to habits. They perfectly notice changes in their living space… And drastic changes in the environment can be shocking. Have you ever paid attention to how your dog reacts when you are taking a suitcase from a cabinet? In order not to disturb your pet, make sure the process of packing is smooth. If you suddenly eliminate all of your pets’ rituals, your dog will probably react to it in an unwanted way.

Moving with pets has to start on time

Before the relocation process starts at all, you can take some steps in simulating the process of adapting your pet to a new environment in which you will find yourself after moving to a new home. Take your pet to some new places or improvise by trying to simulate a new environment.

dog and a girl near the lake
If you are moving to a new location in the same city, walk your dog to a new neighborhood

If you are moving to a new location in the same city, you can walk your dog to a new neighborhood and present it to your future neighbors. After all, it’s good to know in advance that the first neighbor has a cat so that it does not happen that because of your dog it ends at the top of a tree, trying to escape from it.

Before the actual move

Make sure your pet has updated ID information with your current phone number and a new address. If you are not sure about the new address, then enter the details of your close friend or family member who could take responsibility for the dog in case of an emergency. On the day of the move, pay special attention to your pet. Place it in a separate room; provide it with its favorite toys, drinking water and a comfortable sleeping area. Keep the door closed and place a sign on the door informing others not to open the door. In this way, you will avoid the situation that your pet can escape as a result of the big crowd during the move.

Prepare your pet for the trip

Make sure your best friend is safe during the actual moving trip. Do not leave it alone in the vehicle and provide enough fresh air in the car. If you read all the reviews of the residential moving companies carefully, it can help you know what to expect from the move. Follow the weather forecast and try to avoid driving in the highest heat or cold.

white kitten
Find some places that accommodate pets if you need to sleep during the trip

If you are moving to a remote location, pack food and water for your pet in the car. Keep it light as dogs have a sensitive stomach. Also, be prepared for different situations. Keep medical records, microchip numbers, and the latest photo in your bag in case your dog gets lost. Besides this, it would be great to find some places that accommodate pets if you need to sleep during the trip.

Help your pets get used to their new home

Do not let your dog explore a lot without your supervision until you know that the new house is safe. Unpacking is usually a long process and half of the boxes will contain items that your dog will want to chew or eat. If you have a fence in the yard, take a walk around the yard and check if there is a hole or a bad place on the fence that your dog can break through. Remember, it may happen that the dog will try to search for its old home and run away. Your dog will definitely need some time until it learns where it can feel comfortable in a new home and where not. That’s why you have to take the time to help it get used to a new living space as soon as possible.

Getting to know the neighborhood

When moving with pets, getting to know the new neighborhood should be gradual. There are so many new things in a new environment and it can be too much for your dog. Remember, it hears much more and much better than you. Your dog may have never seen a swimming pool before or heard the sound of the basketball court. Try to understand when your pet is aware of who is allowed to be in your environment and who is a dangerous stranger.

In the end, when you are moving with pets, the only thing you should do is to be patient. Your pet does not understand why it is no longer in its usual environment. So remember that moving is a major change for everyone involved in it.

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