Tips to help your move go smoothly

Moving Tip #1
Put labels on your boxes and have the right boxes for your move. You can shop for labels and boxes at our online box store.

Moving Tip #2
The most important rule of moving is: the heavier the item, the smaller the box. Remember: never over-pack. Make sure your belongings are properly secured.

Moving Tip #3
Putting same-room belongings in the same box makes unpacking a breeze.

Moving Tip #4
Last in, first out. Tell us which boxes you need first at your new home, and we’ll load them last on our trucks.

Moving Tip #5
Paper packing. Use packing paper instead of newspaper to avoid smears and stains on your valuables. Find out more about our supplies.

Moving Tip #6
On move day there should be no packing. Use this day to relax and organize your new place.

Moving Tip #7 
Don’t be afraid to order extra boxes just in case. We will take any unused boxes back. Give us a call and order your boxes! 212.991.8389

Moving Tip #8 
Pack in all sizes. When picking out boxes, be sure to get a variety of sizes: a few wardrobe boxes, several medium boxes, and definitely a lot of small boxes.

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