Top family-friendly neighborhoods in Jersey City

Relocation is a difficult and overwhelming process. Now, once you add children to the mix, this process becomes even harder. Moving with your family is not an easy thing to do. Yet, it is quite manageable with proper organization and planning. However, what is more important is finding the right neighborhood where you, as a family, can enjoy. For that reason, today we help you find family-friendly neighborhoods in Jersey City you can move to. After you make up your mind and decide to settle in one of the neighborhoods, contact Tik Tok Moving and Storage NYC to provide you with professional moving and storage assistance. The services of a moving company will make your process of moving a lot easier.

Family-friendly neighborhoods in Jersey City you should consider living in

When you look for a new home to live in with your family, you have to take a lot of things into consideration. Providing the best living conditions for your children is a must. To understand it better, you should always choose neighborhoods that are:

  • Close to schools
  • In the vicinity of your work
  • Affordable housing options
  • Safe
  • Having families as neighbors
a family enjoying their time outside in one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Jersey City
Knowing where you want to settle down with your family is a great way to prepare your children, and yourself, for the future

These are all the things you have to look for when looking for a new home for your family. After you complete that, Jersey City movers can help you relocate to your new home and ensure a positive start to a new life.

Hamilton Park

Hamilton Park is a neighborhood in Jersey City that is always first on the list of family-friendly neighborhoods in Jersey City, mostly due to the low real estate costs. In fact, a lot of families from New York are moving to Hamilton Park just so they can reduce their living costs. Furthermore, with a good road connection with the rest of the city, you can easily work in New York while living in Hamilton Park.

Downtown Jersey City

Downtown Jersey City is a place that has a big-city feel to it. Unlike Hamilton Park, which is a closely-knit community, Downtown Jersey City has around 30.000 residents living in it. You can find a wide range of different schooling options, from primary, secondary, and high schools to universities, colleges, and campuses. So, if you plan on leaving NYC for Downtown Jersey City – here is how to prepare.

As one of the final family-friendly neighborhoods in Jersey City – Waterfront

Now, Waterfront is a newly-built neighborhood of Jersey City. This means that the area is quite modern and up to time. However, this also means that living in this area might be a little on the expensive side. Nonetheless, people who are living there are saying that the price is worth the quality of life.

view of a waterfront in New York
The Waterfront provides a unique blend of modern housing and a plethora of activities for the family

The public schooling system is great, you have private schools as well and there are a plethora of fun things to do in the neighborhood. What makes Waterfront one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Jersey City is the wide range of housing options, malls, parks, cinemas, theatres, museums, etc. So, if you are, for example, leaving Queens for Jersey City, consider Waterfront as your new home.

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