Top reasons why people rely on moving referrals

There are several factors you should take into considerations when you rely on moving referrals. Firstly, everyone starts by searching for a reliable moving company. The more referrals a company has, the more likely are people to hire it. Most of the referrals are true. However, some of them can be fake. Of course, for well-known companies, you do not have to worry about such things. But, when you are off to search for a local or maybe cheaper moving company, you must rely on others’ experiences.

Why is important to rely on moving referrals?

Whenever you go on the internet to spend money, the first thing you would want to do is to protect yourself from fraud. Relying on moving referrals might as well be one of the most important verifications out there. That is why a bunch of companies is now investing loads of money in so-called “word of mouth marketing”. You can see for yourself on social media. People are building their careers and earning a lot of money, only by doing recommendations. This is because people trust other people’s experiences more than any ad or sales tactic.

Two man in a white moving truck.
Picking the best and most reliable moving company is important.

These referrals can come in various forms, and here are some of the more popular ones:

  • Google reviews. This is the most commonly used for relying on moving referrals. Most people leave their experiences in the review section on Google for everything.
  • Social media referrals. The people that are active on social networks will share every single detail of their life. Among these, you may find very useful and detailed reviews.
  • Moving company’s testimonials. This may be the least trusting method since companies have a tendency to fake those. Therefore these referrals can be unreliable.
  • Word of mouth. Definitely the most trustworthy method. If a friend or a colleague shares their good experience with certain movers, you will most definitely check them out.

Relying on moving referrals means additional security

When you are deciding on, for example, the best moving companies Long Island, you want to make sure you made the right choice. Feeling safe and secure about your decision is one part of it. So that is where people usually rely on moving referrals. By reading other people’s experiences regarding their relocation, you tend to feel more assured and safe. Of course, if the reviews are good and verified.

A men pressing a thumb against a screen leaving a fingerprint. The word "security" is written across the screen.
Sense of security is one of the topmost reasons people rely on moving referrals.

Sense of security while picking a moving company can really help reduce stress. Knowing that you can count on your movers, and not be afraid of fraud means a lot. It will benefit you psychologically. This sense of safety is most commonly gained from the personal experiences of your family or friends. Naturally, since you trust in these people.  The good thing with someone recommending something personally is that you can always ask questions.

Picking the best movers

Unfortunately, some moving companies are simply not good enough for all types of moving. So, if you need, for instance, a residential moving company in New York City, you will look for residential movers NYC. Once you find the residential mover of your choice, you can easily check their experience and service online. And here is where you too will rely on moving referrals to help you pick the best moving company.

Rely on moving referrals when in doubt

There are some cases where people simply do not trust professional moving companies. Maybe they had some bad experiences with movers in the past. So when the time comes for their move, they will heavily rely on moving referrals to make their decision. This may seem unusual, but fraudulent moving companies are not a rarity, unfortunately. Relying on moving referrals in this case provides a sense of safety and reassurance, which is very important.

Finding more useful information

When the written word is in question, the extent of referral can vary a lot. Some people are scarce with words, and only leave a few words or none at all. They only leave a rating, if available. This of course can increase a company’s reputation. Moreover, it’s useful and reassuring to see when a company has a lot of good ratings. However, some people like to write, and those usually write some elaborate and extensive reviews.

Two faceless men holding thumbs up.
Word of mouth from a trusted person can be the most useful referral you could get.

When it comes to people relying on moving referrals, these are the ones that have the most persuasion. Not only because they are very well detailed, but you can actually find more than you are looking for. Such referrals can hold valuable information, such as services you didn’t even know you need. For instance, you may think that you can simply move your vintage dining chairs and table, but actually, this may require a carpentry service.

Things to pay attention to when relying on moving referrals

While people tend to rely on moving referrals a lot, there are some things a person should take into consideration while making their decision. Some of those things can be:

  1. Paid reviews. If you are searching for moving referrals to rely on online, you must learn the fact, that quite a good number of reviews are paid and not real. Generic names and studio photos on the account can be a red flag, as well as some generic wordings and immaculate grammar.
  2. Companies reaction. If there is a bad review for a certain company, read their answer if available. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask them about it. If they are professionals, they will explain how they handled it, and maybe took it as a learning opportunity. Also, have in mind that a bad review can also be fake.
  3. It is a personal experience after all. What someone considers a good or a bad experience, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be the same for you. Some of the things one person can consider as stuffy, complicated procedure and too much paperwork, another person will appreciate as a good, safe, and thorough process.

In conclusion, it is perfectly normal and highly advisable to rely on moving referrals when picking a moving company. But also remember to verify the company, just in case, since it doesn’t have to mean that every referral is legit.


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