Items you should toss before moving

People are moving daily and tons of items are finding their way to the recycling center. That is why most of them are decluttering and downsizing among other moving tasks. Yes, you will organize, pack, and search for movers in Jackson Heights NY. But you must find time to decide what to toss before moving. Today, we will help you with how to make this decision. Let’s take a look.

Inspect your entire home first

Before you can decide what to toss before moving, you must inspect your entire home. Yes, inspect all your belongings and your furniture and figure out what is old, broken, outworn, or simply not needed anymore. Then, you can get rid of those items in a few ways. Consider the following:

  • Donate to charities
  • Sell online
  • Donate to a homeless shelter
  • Give to friends and neighbors
  • Organize garage sale
  • Recycle
  • Throw away
Woman deciding what to toss before moving
Inspect and shuffle through your old stuff. You will find interesting items for sure.

Or you can simply pile everything up and rent a storage unit from a moving and storage Queens NY company and figure out later what to do with it. Keep that option in the back of your head just in case.

Your garage and the basement hold many secrets

Now, as you already know, each garage has many different items stored. From Christmas decorations to ski equipment and so on. But there is always broken IT equipment, an old broken washing machine, and a broken TV. What to do with it? Maybe it is time to get rid of it? Or you can bring it all with you. Just make sure to include all those unnecessary costs in packing and bringing all those items with you instead of tossing them out. And when we are talking about packing, consider purchasing packing services NYC as it is a lucrative and affordable way of skipping the packing process entirely. Put it all on paper and you’ll be delighted.

random household items on the table
Inspect your attic and the basement. They hold many secrets for sure.

You should toss before moving all the perishables

An obvious thing to toss before moving is all the perishables. Yes, maybe you can bring some of it if you have portable fridges for frozen food and a lot of patience. But people usually spend everything in the last week and buy less so they can simply throw away the leftovers. Remember, perishables are not allowed in moving vehicles or in a storage unit.

Toss before moving chemicals and hazardous materials as well

Finally, all cans, flammable objects, and liquids, paints, hazardous items and liquids, are also forbidden. Therefore, you should get rid of it and dispose of hazardous waste in a proper way. Especially if they are already opened. You can always buy a new batch when you are properly settled in.

It is the same as with perishables. All mentioned objects are not allowed for transport or storing and moving services Queens NY won’t cover any of them. So you’ll have to either risk and transport it with your vehicle or dispose of it in a proper way.

Toss before moving all things you do not need and all those that are prohibited for moving and storing. Hopefully, now you know how to do it right. Good luck and have a safe journey.

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