Unpacking after an international move

Moving can be stressful but that is not something you should be worried about. Everybody goes through pretty much the same stress and end up being fine after it. There are some things you can do to make the move less stressful, and there are things you can do to make it fun as well. Especially if you are moving with children, you can make them and yourself feel like it’s all one huge adventure and the stress will be pretty much gone. Just take care of everything on time and don’t worry. Unpacking after an international move can be fun if everybody is working together.

There is a lot you can do before you start unpacking after an international move

International moves require a bit more organization than the local one, to be completely honest. This means you should be a little more organized while packing before the move. Hopefully, you organized and did everything that can be of any help:

  • You made a list of items you packed
  • Packed each room in separate boxes so unpacking after an international move goes stress-free
  • Labeled each of these boxes so you know what’s where
  • Using Queens packing service 
  • Did a good job packing so no items got damaged.
unpacking after an international move- a cardboard box
Make sure you label the boxes

If you did most of these things, unpacking after an international move won’t be very stressful. Once you got to your new home, and movers got your boxes to your apartment, the unboxing may begin. Make sure you have a pair of scissors close by to help you open the boxes. Doing it just by the hand can hurt you so use the scissors or a knife if there are no children nearby. If you used plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes, even better, you just need to open up a lid.

Blueprints can save you a lot of time

Ask the landlord or the seller, is there a blueprint of the place they can send over to you before you get to them. If you have a blueprint, you can measure your furniture and make plans on where is everything going to be placed. This way, you avoid having to rearrange the furniture in your home many times over. If there are heavy and large parts of furniture, they should be installed first. Even if there is enough space since mistakes can happen and you will be forced to disassemble and assemble everything again. It takes huge amount of time so you want to avoid it as possible. International movers NYC are experienced in moving large furniture so you should hire them.

unpacking after an international move - a blueprint
Blueprint can help you plan where to put the                                      furniture

You don’t really have to do it all right now

There are some rooms and items you should unpack right away, like the kitchen, bedroom, and the bathroom. But you don’t need to get the clothes unpacked right away. Same goes for the TV set, toys, paintings and other items you won’t use right away. Set the expectations realistically so you don’t overwork yourself and leave some of the work for the next couple of days. You will be tired even after local moving, in which case you should hire Movers Jamaica NY. That way you will save both time and energy for sure.

Unpack each room separately and mind the labels

You decided to start unpacking and you want everything to be unpacked as soon as possible. It’s completely understandable. You want to get your life back on the roll and you must unpack each room for that to happen. Hopefully, you labeled each box with the name of the room it should go in and items that are inside so you don’t end up trying to find something that you need. Unpacking after an international move is much easier if you prepared for it. The boxes that you don’t need to unpack any time soon, like winter clothing if it is summer can be stored in an NYC storage unit. Save your self from clutter the best possible way.

Start with the kitchen

You won’t start with the basement since you won’t need it right away, so you should start with unpacking the rooms you will need to use right away. Kitchen is one of them and there are two reasons to start here:

  • You want to eat something now that you moved so you can start unpacking after an international move
  • Everybody can hang out in the kitchen in between opening the boxes
  •  There is a lot of fragile items in the “kitchen” boxes, like plates and glasses, so by unpacking them you are making sure these boxes won’t fall down and nothing will break.
The kitchen
The kitchen is multifunctional so you should                                  unpack it first

Next stop: the bedroom

Now that you took care of the kitchen and you can eat, you should make sure you have a place to sleep as well. The moving day is definitely tiring and you will need a good night sleep. So make sure you don’t have to sleep on the floor and wake up even more tired. So get to assembling the bed as soon as you finish unpacking the kitchen. All you need in your bedroom at the moment are the bed and the bedding. The closet is not necessary, nor are the clothes. So, hopefully, you labeled the boxes or vacuum bags with the pilows and the bedding so you don’t need to open each box to find them.

Everyone should help

Make sure everybody is in charge of their own room. Kids included, in case they are old enough to do it. If not, get them to help you as much as they can. Thay should unpack the toys and make the beds. This way everybody will be done sooner and you will be able to finish unpacking faster. After it, you can get to the next step. Make sure to inform on what to do with leftover boxes. There are some great ideas to try.

A toy in the child's hand
Allow the kids to help you by unpacking the toys

The bathroom is important too

Once you unpacked the kitchen and the bedroom, you should unpack the bathroom. First, look if there is the need to clean the bathroom since it’s a lot easier to do if it’s not yet unpacked. Once you cleaned it, unpack the toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, bubble bath, lotions, and towels. Toilet paper should be there too. This is important since you will want to be able to shower after all the hard work. Make sure there is hot water in the water heater or turn it on if there is not.

Unpacking after an international move can be stressful and can take up a lot of your time but that is fine since there is a lot to get done. Do not worry, just start with the unpacking room by room and you will be done in no time.

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