Unspoken rules of living in New York

Congratulations on your relocation to New York! There are a lot of things to do and a lot of things to see! But first things first! There are also things you should know more about in order to better adapt to the New York lifestyle! Did you know that there are some unspoken rules of living in New York? In our article, you can learn more about them, and make your adapting period easy at the same time!

People always walk fast

New York is a very urban and fast place to live in! People are in some hurry and they need to get somewhere in time! This is mostly due to the fact that public transportation is late often. That is why people often chose to walk their distance to their destination. People really do not like slow walkers – as one of the most important unspoken rules of living in New York you need to remember!

people walking fast as one of the Unspoken rules of living in New York
Don’t be a slow walker is one of the unspoken rules of living in New York

One thing you won’t have to worry about it if you are moving anywhere in New York. Since the movers know all the tips and tricks, it is easy to find your Long Island City moving company!

Forget about the subway

Although New York is well connected with its metro, the subway is a nightmare to take! Avoid taking the subway if you are traveling some long distances. They can be late very often, and the things you can witness in the subway cars are just embarrassing. It is recommended to avoid eating in the subway, as well as having a small talk there.

People in a train
New York subway can be late from time to time

If you are moving your home somewhere in New York, then try to either take your own car or take the cab. This isn’t a problem for movers though since residential movers NYC knows every shortcut there is!

Don’t stand on the left side of the escalator

Want to know what irritates people the most? Want to really really get on people’s nerves? Well then, always stand on the left side of the escalator! Now, for real, never do that! Imagine you are in a hurry and someone is blocking your way. The escalator etiquette says that you stand on the right side, and walk on the left. Only those who are bent or either ruining your day or just misinformed will stand on the left side!

People in a shopping mall
Use the left side of the escalator for walking

Do grab a bite from time to time

What people should do is grab a bite in New York! Because there is a lot of tasty food stands in here, residents often choose to grab a quick snack here and there. It’s just one of the unspoken rules of living in New York. Find out what are the best places to eat in NYC before moving here!

Woman holding street food
New York does have amazing street food

Don’t spend your time at home

Enjoy a good afternoon with your friends at some of the local bars and restaurants. New York is filled with amazing activities you can do in the afternoon!

These are just some of the unspoken rules of living in New York you should know about! To write down all of them, would take time and time, and you know, one of the rules says stop when you think its enough. We hope to hear from you anytime soon!

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