Useful tips on how to recycle after moving to Woodside

Moving can lead to an accumulation of garbage. There are several items that you would most certainly discard during a move, ranging from books to bubble wrap. When relocating, there is no need to spend time. During a relocation, there are a variety of options for reducing trash and recycling. After many years in the industry and many successfully executed moves, we’ve come up with some pretty effective methods for reducing trash and recycling. We’re glad to be able to share them with you today and teach you how to recycle after moving to Woodside. Feel free to contact movers in Woodside NY if you need quality moving services as well.

3 Useful tips on how to recycle after moving to Woodside

Piles and stacks of empty cardboard boxes are a frequent sight when you’re done with your move. They are a final duty to complete after weeks of moving-related tasks. Boxes made of cardboard have the added virtue of being easily recyclable, making them an environmentally friendly option for moving. If you plan on moving on a budget, take a look at this article on how to plan a cost-effective relocation to Woodside. For the sake of the environment, there are a few solid reasons to recycle cardboard moving boxes rather than trashing them:

  • Cardboard recycling is very effective. When you recycle old cardboard, you use just 75% of the energy required to manufacture new cardboard from scratch.
  • Recycling cardboard benefits the environment. We should all strive to recycle more since recycling cardboard creates half the sulfur dioxide (a by-product of fossil fuel combustion) as creating new cardboard from raw resources.
  • Recycling cardboard minimizes the negative impact of excessive cardboard consumption. Every year, the US uses 100 billion corrugated cardboard boxes. Every ton of cardboard trash recycled instead of being dumped saves precious natural resources.

    brown cardboard boxes on gray asphalt road
    Recycling after a huge move is very important.

1. Dismantle all your boxes

It’s far easier for you and your trash management provider to recycle damaged cardboard moving boxes. To re-use them, make sure each box is entirely empty and flattened. If a liquid (even water) leaks into the box, cut it out—saturated cardboard is difficult to recycle even after it has dried. Before dismantling boxes, remove packing tape and adhesive labels, as they may be readily removed at recycling facilities. But if you have time, do it. If you are moving in a hurry, Queens movers can do all this work for you.

2. Consult your waste management company on how to properly recycle your packing supplies

Even flattened, cardboard moving boxes take up a lot of space in recycling bins. But not all waste management companies will take extra items. Be sure to notify your trash disposal provider before leaving damaged boxes near your recycling container. If so, plan to recycle in stages, putting out what fits in the bin and keeping the remainder for next week. You may also be able to discover a drop-off facility where you can recycle all of your broken-down moving boxes. However, if you hire residential movers NYC, for example, we will recycle all of the materials for you.

people trying to recycle after moving to Woodside
Don’t forget to consult your waste management company on how to properly recycle after moving to Woodside.

3. Compost your boxes

Cardboard may be composted and used for gardening and mulch. This also applies to wet cardboard if the substance it came into touch with is edible (areas soiled by spilled cleaning supplies, bathing products, or other inedible substances should be removed). If you don’t compost at home, inquire if local farms or garden stores would take your used cardboard. You may also compost it. This is one of the most eco-friendly ways to recycle after moving to Woodside.


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