Ways to avoid common mistakes when moving to Westchester

It’s a tale we’ve heard many times: a young couple goes to New York City, gets a dog, has a child, then outgrows their one-bedroom apartment, and relocates to the suburbs. Many New Yorkers relocate to the rural county of Westchester, just north of Manhattan, for the need of more space, good schools, a yard, and a reasonable commute. Houses are selling more and more each month in Westchester. They are gone quickly and there are fewer on the market. That being said, the buyer climate in Westchester has the potential to be competitive. Therefore, before beginning your search, you need to be prepared. Luckily for you, we are here to share our knowledge and show you how to avoid common mistakes when moving to Westchester. Continue reading to learn more.

Downtown New York
Westchester is a better choice for larger families compared to New York City.

7 ways to avoid common mistakes when moving to Westchester

Regardless of how many times you’ve relocated, you’re likely to make at least a few errors. Moving is a stressful and exciting moment in anyone’s life, and it’s easy to neglect critical details or hurry to complete tasks at the last minute. Fortunately, others who came before you have already made these mistakes, so you do not have to. Our Westchester movers will gladly help you with your move, but there are some things you need to figure out on your own. So, if you’re one of the many individuals intending to relocate this year, here are seven costly blunders to avoid. Follow our advice and you won’t have any problems.

1. Do your research

Whether you’re interested in school district ratings, commute times, commuter parking, recreational amenities, or cultural organizations, there are tools accessible to assist you in learning about them all. Frequently, our customers are startled to learn that the school district in which their house is located does not necessarily correspond to the post office. If you’re looking for a certain school district, you should do your search by the school district, not by the post office. Certain ZIP codes benefit from commuter parking lots and municipal recreation facilities. If you require commuter parking and are not a town resident, you may be required to apply for and pay for a permit.

2. Take the Time to Explore the Area

There is no better way to develop a sense of place than to spend time in it. You may exclude regions you previously considered desirable or add areas to your target list that you hadn’t considered. To gain a sense of the area and community, we propose that you eat lunch or dinner at a local restaurant, walk around town, stop at a coffee shop, and visit the schools. When you decide on which area to move to and land a house, then you can call moving and storage Queens NY to help you.

Westchester street
Explore Westchester streets in order to avoid common mistakes when moving to Westchester.

3. Be Prepared to Act Quickly

With a limited supply and a strong demand, good properties in Westchester sell rapidly. We’ve encountered instances when a buyer placed an offer without viewing the property in person out of fear of losing it. While this is an extreme instance, you should be prepared to make an offer if you come across a property that you want. As a result, obtaining a mortgage pre-approval letter is critical.

4. Hire a moving company

Why do you need a mover, an organizer, or a moving coordinator when you have your own two hands? Well, professional movers have years of expertise and knowledge in their hands. They know how to plan a transfer so that your items arrive safely and unharmed. They’ve done hundreds of moves and know the best ways to pack your house efficiently. Boxes can be labeled and inventoried for easy unpacking. Professional movers like local movers NYC can remove and reassemble furniture and navigate around corners and entrances. Professional organizers and moving coordinators know how to efficiently unpack your belongings and ease your transition. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your boxes will be emptied and your possessions sorted in your new house.

5. Stop procrastinating

Relocating involves patience, planning, and work. Waiting until the last minute increases the likelihood of losing stuff, packing poorly, or breaking valuables. Avoid procrastination by packing regularly. Intersperse packing throughout the day or follow a plan to ensure each room of the house is packed. Monday, focus on the shelf and surface decor. Tuesday, pack up the kitchen. Wednesday, guest room. Preparing ahead of time will help you avoid procrastinating. You’ll also enjoy crossing off your to-do list.

6. Safeguard your valuables

Certain items are simply irreplaceable when it comes to costly products. Even if you do not have antique jewelry leftover from your third aunt twice removed, it is critical to safeguard key papers and materials during a large relocation. Investing in a waterproof safe is the greatest approach to safeguard your possessions. After all, you’d like to avoid these goods falling into the wrong hands. You may choose to include the following items in your safe:

  • Passports
  • Identification cards for social security
  • Petites objects de luxe, such as wristwatches and jewels
  • Coins of great value
  • Stamps
  • Medications on prescription
passport filled with stamps
Make sure all your important documents and passports are in zip lock bags.

7. Remember to forward your mail

You believe you’ve done it all: canceled cable dismissed the energy company, worked two weeks at your hated job, and finally told off your landlord (okay, maybe not the last one). But many people neglect to change their address. You may not only lose out on vital papers but also put your personal data in danger. If no one is present to pick up your mail, it may go missing. Don’t overlook this essential step. Forward your mail to your new address. We know you don’t want your mail lost.

Relocating to a new house may be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. But it can also be daunting if you are prone to stress. To simplify your packing process, avoid common mistakes when moving to Westchester. Allow ample time and seek the assistance of a strong team to ensure a smooth transition. If you require some special moving services, don’t be afraid to contact us.


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