Ways to ease your kids’ fear of moving house

Moving can be stressful for adults. Actually, most of the time it straight up is. However, it can be even more so for kids. They are still too young to understand or comprehend all the intricacies of adult life and different considerations their parents are taking into account when they consider uprooting their life in pursuit of greener pastures. Therefore, let us dive into this important topic – how to ease your kids’ fear of moving – right away!

ease your kids' fear of moving - a worried kid
How old is your kid?

Ease your kids’ fear of moving by understanding their perspective

In order to combat something you first need to understand it. Therefore, before we can talk about moving with the help of some o the Queens best movers, we first need to get to the base roots of a kids’ fear of moving.

The root cause of this fear stems from the inability of a child to comprehend the reasons for a move, and from this concern about finding friends and continuing its secondary socialization. However, not all age groups act the same.

  • Up to 8 years old – Here you will not have to try too hard to ease your kids’ fear of moving since kids up to this age mainly socialize within a family, and as long as the family moves, they will not particularly mind. Just be sure to protect them from the stresses of the move itself.
  • 8 – 13 years old – Here they will be worried about losing friends. Make sure to help them stay in touch!
  • 13-18 years old – Teenagers can comprehend why you move, but will still object. They are deeply integrated into their own friendships and be sure to be extra careful with them.

Help is on the way

One way to ease your kids’ fear of moving is to make sure that you have time to care for them in the days approaching the moving day, and of course, during the move itself. Moving is a complicated affair, and it takes a lot of planning. The week before relocation can be hectic with preparation for packing, getting movers, preparing items for storage units Yonkers, etc. All in all, it is not simple

bridge in a park
It’s good to have a place to relax. 

That is why you should consider getting the professional help of the Brooklyn movers on your side! By having movers of your choice that can reliably take care of the moving, you can spend more time with your children and offset the negatives of the move that would weigh down on them…

Find a place to relax

Facing the move can be stressful, and if you hired a mover to help you out in a family relocation to New York, there is no reason your kid should face it. Therefore, you can ease your kids’ fear of moving by finding other, relaxing activities to do on the moving day itself.

For example, you might want to go to the park and have a nice time playing in the sun. If you are at the seaside, it might be a good time for the beach day! Other options include playrooms, aquaparks, theaters, and museums.

All kids are unique!

With these general objectives in mind, you should do just fine in your effort to ease your kids’ fear of moving. Be sure to adapt these guiding principles to your kids’ needs, however. All children are unique in their own way and their fears and concerns are equally different. Therefore, follow these guidelines loosely and be sure that your approach is dynamic and responsive.

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