What are the most delicate items to move?

Not all items are made equal when it comes to the moving process. Some items are quite sturdy, requiring almost no thought on how to pack them. And then there are those delicate, fragile items that require special care and attention. When it comes to the most delicate items to move, drinking glasses and plates take the prize. They are, after all, the most common items that Queens best movers relocate on a daily basis. Aside from these items, artwork and audio equipment are also quite delicate and should be handled with care.

List of the most delicate items to move – Tips and tricks for packing and handling

A simple list to start things off, nothing less, nothing more:

  • Plates
  • The most delicate items to move – Drinking glasses
  • Artwork
  • Stereo and audio equipment are one of the most delicate items to move
Plates are extremely sensitive items to relocate.


Most people just stack their plates on top of one another, put them in a box and that’s it. This is exactly how most of the plates get broken in transport, especially if its a long-distance drive. Most interstate moving companies NYC recommend that you put some padding in between your plates, like packing paper or even newspaper. However, if you want maximum protection, you need to make sure that there is no room for the plates to move even a tiny bit within the box. You can accomplish this by padding the box with socks, cloth, or similar items. The goal is that there is absolutely no free space in the box. This way your plates will be safe as they can be.

The most delicate items to move – Drinking glasses

Drinking glasses are also quite fragile and delicate items that you need to pack. The best way to go about this is to have ample packing paper and packing tape at hand. That way you can properly pack your glasses, making them as safe as they can possibly be. Depending on how many glasses you want to carry with you, this can be a pretty lengthy process so make sure you leave plenty of time for it.

Very delicate items to move – Drinking glasses!


Every piece of art is delicate. Partly because of its original value, partly because it is really easy to diminish that value with any kind of damage. The way you need to go about packing artwork depends on the art piece in question. There are simply too many different pieces and it is beyond the scope of this article to tell you how to pack each one. The best way to go about it is to do a search for every type of artwork that you have. However, you can always hire a professional mover and get their full packing services. They will pack and relocate your belongings fast and safely.

Stereo and audio equipment are one of the most delicate items to move

Finally, your audio equipment is also quite delicate. It is really easy to damage if not packed properly. Always use the original packaging, if possible. If not, see if you can use a double corrugated box or a dish pack box.

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