What if your movers cancel last minute?

No one likes when being stood up. Especially when relocating home. You are moving to Queens and the last thing you need right now is for your movers to cancel at the last minute. But do not worry, this can happen to anyone and there is a solution to this situation. Therefore, let us explain what you should do if movers cancel last minute. Let’s take a look.

Is this really happening to you?

You thought you had it all done. You organized, packed, and booked the reliable moving crew. Also, you added a couple of moving services queens NY and all is nicely tucked in. And you paid the deposit as well. What can go wrong now? Yes, there is always a possibility for a moving mishap or unforeseen circumstances that can prevent your movers to arrive on time, or at all. But there is always a reason for cancelation. Let us explain.

you need a back up plan in case your movers cancel last minute
You are ready to go but your movers canceled. Quickly forge a backup plan.

Movers cancel last minute for a reason

Whether it is incompetence or a series of unfortunate events, makes no difference. You are being canceled and you must act quickly. But for future reference, know that movers do not do this because they like it, but because they are forced to change the schedule. Or cancel entirely. One good example is the latest pandemic situation where they must shut down the whole operation for a month. In this case, you’ll be glad that they canceled rather than compromising your health and safety. On the other hand, they might have some technical issues like not being able to provide the valid moving vehicle, the right tools, or enough manpower.

If movers cancel last minute, ignore them entirely

If you are not pleased with the outcome and your movers cant reschedule, ignore them entirely and find a different moving company. Movers cancel last minute only if they are in a dire situation and they are aware that this might affect the future business with you. If you like your moving company and the cancelation reason is valid, you can give them a second chance. On the other hand, they should extend a discount or a similar prize for your patience and try to keep you as a customer. All in all, if there is no valid reason, or something smells funny, skip this company and find another one.

A guy posting a moving review
If there is no valid reason for cancelation, maybe this is the time to leave an honest moving review.

Same day movers

Now when your movers canceled at the very last minute, you must forge a contingency plan. Hopefully, you already had a backup plan in place. If not, this is a moment to quickly organize a last minute move. Hence, check our list with a few ways to solve this puzzle:

  • Stay a bit longer – If you can prolong and stay for a few more days in your current home, that would be amazing. It will give you enough time to organize everything accordingly.
  • Change the date – Even if you are disappointed by your movers, you should ask if they can reschedule and relocate you tomorrow. Of course, this depends on how, when, and why they canceled.
  • Find new movers – You can find last-minute movers NYC fairly easily. Just check their website and fill the moving quote or give them a quick call. Do it fast and you will have your new moving team lined up in less than an hour.

Ok, now you know what to do when movers cancel last minute. Just don’t panic because this can happen to anyone. Stay calm and give yourself a minute to take a breather and start searching for a backup company. Don’t worry, you’ll find one and still have plenty of time to relocate safely. Now you know how to do it even in the worst-case scenario.

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