What is considered an interstate move?

Relocation is a very complex process that most people face at least once in a lifetime. You either moved in your childhood with your parents.  Or the first time you left home was when you went to a college either to a different city or state. Some families need to move often due to the nature of the business they do. On the other hand, some people do not change their home location by the time they retire. No matter which type of relocation you are up to, you need to take it very seriously and prepare properly. Moving companies NYC can be of great help during the moving process. Wherever you are trying to move, you should be able to rely on a stable moving company. If you are planning to move outside your state in the near future, in this article read what is considered an interstate move.

Learn what is an interstate move

Before you start your moving journey, it is very important to know what kind of move that would be. Then, you can choose the right moving service for your relocation. But also bear in mind that moving companies offer many different kinds of moving services. This can sometimes cause confusion as you might not be familiar with all of them. A good way to find answers to your questions is to contact interstate moving companies NYC. Your movers will be able to give you the most precise explanations regarding an interstate move. In short, an interstate move means moving to a different country permanently. The important part regarding this kind of move is that you will need to transport your entire home. For this reason, you will need a firm moving plan, in order to realize the move appropriately.

moving trucks on the road
Familiarize with what is considered an interstate move

Why interstate move can be overwhelming

Simply because this is not a vacation. When going on vacation to another state, you can pack some of your clothes and cosmetics. But when it comes to moving interstate, you will need to bring your entire housing. This can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you do not have experience in doing this. In addition, if you need to move your office in this process as well, you must hire one of the commercial moving companies NYC. As your entire business needs to go to another state, this is considered an interstate move. Also, you need to inform about the moving costs of an interstate move. It will certainly not cost you the same as relocating locally. For this reason, it is crucial to create a firm moving budget and also put some money on the side. This is a long way, and something unpredicted can come up.


Moving to Greenwich, CT is considered an interstate move

If you decide to move to Greenwich in Connecticut from New York, this is one clear example of an interstate move. The fact is that this type of relocation can reflect on your home budget a lot. Therefore, it is important to know how much will your Greenwich CT movers charge you for their services. Some movers can keep their hourly rate and add an extra travel fee for interstate relocation. Others may charge by weight or cubic feet. Most often, if your possession crosses the line of a state, movers will charge by the weight of your possessions. Also, movers need to spend more fuel and have more labor to do. Finally, there might be some additional fees that your movers will need to pay for transporting goods over the state line. Therefore, contact them and ask for precise moving quotes.

a family preparing for what is considered an interstate move
Interstate move costs more than the local one

Prepare on time for this faraway relocation

Apart from higher moving prices, this kind of relocation requires more time for preparing. When moving locally, you can start packing a month or two in advance. But when it comes to interstate moves, you should start preparing at least three months in advance. You should not rush things up, as in the end every mistake you make can cost you even more. If you want to be relaxed, hire professional packers to help you at least with large items. Imagine your huge closets, chest drawers, a piano, fridge, and other large and expensive goods traveling for at least 12 hours. To make this happen without any consequences, you need special packing materials and experience. Therefore, professional movers are a good idea. They have all the necessary skills and crating materials to pack and transport your goods safely into another state.

What else do you need to know?

All types of moving have their own specifics. Also, not all the moving companies specify interstate moves. When contacting movers, your first question should relate to their experience with movers to different states. Apart from moving experience, your movers should also provide the US Department of Transportation number. You can check the validity of this number on The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration site. Another important thing to point to is checking whether your movers offer even the basic type of moving insurance. Do not take this long way without insuring your goods. Considered an interstate move, you should have at least basic coverage in case of an accident on the road. For this reason, it is important that your company is valid and has a valid USDOT number. Otherwise, you will not be able to claim any refund or replacement in case of damage.

a moving truck with load
Some movers charge hourly, some based on the weight of your items

There are many different rules for one move to be considered an interstate move. First of all, it means crossing the line of another state and going to live in another state for good. Secondly, that means some very serious preparation that should take place at least three months before the actual moving date. In addition, it includes spending a budget more seriously than the one when moving locally. Also, this very serious process needs paying some extra moving fees and getting more sturdy packing crates that usually only professional packers have. Knowing this, give yourself enough time to prepare for your interstate move, and good luck!

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