What kind of packing supplies to use for a DIY move?

When it comes to packing supplies, cardboard boxes and packing tape are just the beginning. There are many things you will need when packing for your move, as well as on the day you move. And not all of them are that obvious. Hiring one of the long distance moving companies NYC can easily solve those problems. But, if you want to do everything yourself, we are here to help. Therefore, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all packing supplies to use for a DIY move – some are necessary and some are just useful.

So, what packing supplies to use for a DIY move?

1. Boxes

Buy cardboard boxes or rent plastic bins to carry all of your belongings. If you are going to use cardboard, note that you will need different sizes, including small, medium, large, extra-large, and clothes boxes. If you are looking to rent plastic containers for packing, provide as much inventory as possible to your rental company so you can be sure you are getting enough.

Packing boxes
As we already said, boxes are just a beginning. Let’s take a look at what are other packing supplies to use for a DIY move.

2. Packing tape

Buy quality packing tape, and lots of it. You will need it both to assemble the boxes and to seal them when they are full. Sure, saving money before moving is important, but the high-quality tape is something you need to pay extra. So ditch the packing tape at the dollar store and spend a little bit on more durable tape. You will likely need more than you think, so buy another roll or two just in case.

3. Wrapping paper

You will need a lot of wrapping paper to wrap fragile and sharp items. And also to provide extra cushioning and stability for the boxes. Only buy wrapping paper that does not contain ink, as ink can spread over your items.

4. Plastic wrap

You don’t need to buy a special moving plastic wrap, but you should have at least one roll of strong plastic wrap to wrap certain items. This is especially useful for keeping identical items together and to prevent bottle leaks when packing liquids for moving.

5. Bubble cushioning

Use this to wrap very fragile items such as glass, ceramic, or porcelain. You can also use it to create much-needed padding around items when they are placed in boxes.

6. Plastic bags

Small plastic sandwich bags are great for storing small items that might otherwise get lost. Use them to hold the screws you loosen when disassembling furniture, as well as any other tiny objects in the house that are easy to lose.

Colored labels
Be sure to label each bag of parts so you know where they go

7. Set of tools

When talking about disassembling furniture, you’ll want to get yourself the basic tools you need to do this (if you don’t already have them). A screwdriver and wrench with different heads should be sufficient. Keep your tools handy as you may need them on the day you move.

8. Labels and markers

When it comes to labeling boxes, you can simply mark directly on the boxes with a permanent marker, or use labels and a marker (if using plastic containers, choose the second option). You can also use color-coded stickers, which will give you an immediate idea of what room the box should fit in.

Get everything you need to finish the job

While this list of packing supplies to use for a DIY move is by no means exhaustive, these eight items will help simplify the packing process. With these tools, you won’t waste time wrestling with tape, marking boxes your Bronx movers can’t read, or worrying about dust marks that your mattress collects on its way. Instead, you will enjoy an efficient and simple packing process that allows you to get a lot closer to your new home.


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