What to check before signing a moving contract

Hiring the professional movers for your relocation isn’t such easy as it may seem. Sure, you can call the first ones that pop on your online search, but is it the best solution? In most cases, it isn’t and it’s the easiest way to get yourself involved into a moving scam. That is why you always have to make sure that the moving company that you have chosen is reliable. Of course, even then, there are some important things that you should keep an eye off check before signing a moving contract.

Before signing a moving contract, make sure to choose the right movers

Choosing a trustworthy moving company isn’t easy at all. Since the moving industry is booming, there are some fraudulent moving companies on the market, just waiting for the opportunity to grab the piece of this lucrative cake. Avoiding the moving scams and such companies is crucial, and you can do that simply by researching the company that interests you.

Women on the laptop.
Research the movers thoroughly.

Here’s what you should pay attention to when choosing movers:

  • That the moving company has proper licenses and insurance
    Every legitimate moving company in the USA has to be insured and it has to have a moving license issued by the US Department of Transportation.
  • Reviews of the former customers
    Check the online forums and websites that are focusing on the moving reviews. Find your company and see the comments of their former clients.
  • How transparent is the company website?
    Online presentation of the company should contain all the important information. Including the valid address of the company’s headquarter, contact numbers, email address, and license number.
  • References
    If the moving company will gladly provide you give with the contact list of their previous customers for references that means that it has nothing to hide.
  • Does the company have a good reputation?
    A moving company that has a spotless reputation won’t risk it by performing any moving scams.
  • Experience in the moving business
    Some new movers can be reliable as the ones that have years of experience. However, movers with countless relocations behind them will know how to handle every relocation issue quickly and efficiently, both with local and long distance moving. While the lack of experience can cause delays.
  • Are you asked to pay up-front or to place a very large deposit
    If you have then cut the contact to such company immediately. This is the biggest red flag and there’s 99,9% that you encounter the fraudulent movers.
  • In-house estimation
    While you can get a free online quote for your relocation, any reliable moving company will insist on the in-house estimation. In most cases, this is a free service. It is also the only way to realistically asses the weight of your shipment and the relocation obstacles.

Read the terms of use carefully

Reading and understanding the terms of use is very important before signing the moving contract. You should never sing anything that you don’t understand completely, so ask anything that is unclear to you.  There can be many terms that you aren’t familiar with.

ustomer checking the facts before signing a moving contract
Reliable movers will explain every item of the contract that you wish them to elaborate.

If the representatives say that something isn’t important and that is just common form than make sure to explore that. Usually, when someone is trying to convince you that something isn’t important, that’s because it is.

You need to read every paragraph carefully in order not to miss anything. Also, make sure that the final price is stated in the moving contract. That will ensure that the company can’t add extra charges to your bill after the move.

By any means, never sign a blank contract. Even if your closest friend or the family that you have complete trust in is the owner of the company. No matter how much you trust the company, you have to have everything in writing. That’s the only way to have proof in the case that your relocation takes the wrong turn.

Make sure that everything that you discuss in person with the movers is on the paper and read it from the top to the bottom before signing a moving contract.

Pay attention to the fine print of the moving contract!

No matter what are you signing, there’ll always be a small print on the contract. Usually at the bottom of the page, where it can easily go unnoticed.

You can miss it very easily, and usually contains the most important information about moving services and your moving contract. The terms about the conditions that allow you to make a claim against moving companies are most commonly in the form of the fine print.

Magnifying glass.
If the print is too small, check it under the magnifying glass.

So read your moving agreement several times and make sure that you didn’t miss anything. If you do, you may not be able to make a claim if you need to, because you agreed to the conditions by signing the moving contract.

Check the inventory sheet

All professional movers offer some kind of liability for your shipment before signing a moving contract. No matter if you are moving locally or you need interstate relocation. That is why movers will make a list of all your inventory. By listing all the things that you are putting in the hands of movers is lowering the possibility that some of your things go missing during the relocation.

You need to check that list and make sure that its content reflects all the items in your household. The inventory sheet has to have many details. Every item should be separate on the list. For example, every book should be marked by its title, no just as a general category.

Movers aren’t legally liable for any item that isn’t on the inventory sheet. So make sure to read it carefully and determine that all of your items are there before you sign the moving contract.

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