What to expect when leaving your hometown for NYC?

Moving to NYC is an experience that is hard to describe. The Big Apple is many things, but, above all, it is unique. There is no place like it in the world. Even if you come from a large city, the sights and sounds of NYC will surely daze and amaze you. If you are coming from a smaller town, it will definitely take time to adjust to the lifestyle. So you better know what to expect when you come here. Long distance moving companies NYC will get you where you want to be, but they can’t help with the culture shock. Here is what you should expect when leaving your hometown for NYC.

Organizing the move

Before you even think about leaving your hometown for NYC, you need to organize the move itself. New York City is a huge place, so it definitely matters where you move. Living in Staten Island is not the same as living in the Bronx, obviously. Getting there is not the issue – you either hire Staten Island or Bronx movers. But your experience will be much different depending on where you move. So think hard before you make a decision. And wherever you decide to go, give yourself enough time to prepare. If you start planning the move months in advance, it will be less stressful and you will spend less money. Finding a new place, hiring movers, taking care of the necessary paperwork and packing your home takes time. And there will always be something you forget. So give yourself enough time and don’t rush it.

A man and a woman packing and celebrating.
Before you worry about what you can expect when leaving your hometown for NYC, you need to take care of the moving arrangements.

Things to expect from NYC

How much of a shock leaving your hometown for NYC will largely depend on where you come from. If you are moving from a place like LA or San Francisco, you may see more similarities than differences. On the other hand, if your hometown has a population of 50000 people, everything will surprise you. You may like some things about NYC and dislike others, but one thing is for sure – your experience will be memorable. And after you’ve settled in, you’ll grow to love the city. So, pack your bags, contact local movers NYC and enjoy the ride.

The crowds

The first things you’ll notice after leaving your hometown for NYC are the crowds. Wherever you turn, you’ll see people. There are some luxurious, high-end gated communities where there are fewer people, but that’s far from the norm. More than likely, as soon as New York movers unload your stuff and you’re ready to explore, you’ll be in a throng of people. Whether you’re using the subway, going grocery shopping, or relaxing in the park, you won’t be alone. When the experience is new, it can make you feel small. But, once you get used to it, you’ll start feeling like a part of a much larger organism. So, the crowds aren’t a drawback of NYC, they make it specialThe people are what makes the city what it is, and once you move here, you’ll be contributing

The transport

What to expect when leaving your hometown for NYC.
If you are from a smaller place, the way people get around NYC may come as a shock.

If you are coming from a smaller town, the way people get to places in New York City may be a huge shock. You can forget about going grocery shopping by car and parking right in front of the shops. Walking a few blocks with grocery bags in hand will become a daily occurrence. It’s also unlikely you’ll be able to reach most places you want to get to by foot. On the plus side, the NYC subway is one of the oldest and most used in the world. It is extremely well developed and will get you where you need to be. But, once again, you need to be prepared for the crowds.

The culture

Now, we get to the heart of NYC – the culture and the people that make the city what it is. The culture of NYC is indescribable. It’s something you need to experience yourself. Whatever you like and wherever your interests lay, you’ll find it in NYC. Of course, the city has some world-famous cultural attractions. From the Statue of Liberty to Times Square and the Empire State Building, there’s a plethora of sights to visit. But that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about the soul of NYC. This extremely diverse place, where everyone is welcomed. Understanding the cultural pulse of the city will be one of the best experiences you have after leaving your hometown for NYC.

The prices

Unfortunately, we need to get to some negative aspects of living in NYC. There’s no reason to ignore it- New York City is expensive. And we’re not just talking about real estate costs. The high price of everyday living in NYC is something you should expect when coming here. How much different it is from your hometown will depend on how affluent your hometown is. So, the prices may not come as that much of a surprise. But, if you’re coming from one of the less expensive parts of the U.S., you can expect to be unpleasantly surprised

A man counting money.
Living in NYC is expensive, so you’ll just have to get used to it.

Leaving your hometown for NYC is an adventure

At the end of the day, there’s no place on Earth like New York City. Leaving your hometown for NYC will definitely be an adventure. You may end up disliking some aspect of big city life, while you may grow to love others. But one thing is for certain – it will be the experience of a lifetime. You will be living in the cultural epicenter of the world. You’ll quickly come to appreciate everything the city offers. And then ask for more. The city grows on you and, before you know it, you’re in love. So start packing those bags and begin opening a new chapter in your life.

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