What to expect when moving from Manhattan to Staten Island

Are you considering relocating from Manhattan to somewhere else? Most Manhattan’s residents daydreaming about the place where they can enjoy peace sometimes. On the other hand, if your job is in Manhattan, you need to find a new apartment close to your current home. Luckily, Staten Island is nearly and it is easy to commute to Manhattan. Before you decide on Staten Island, let’s see what you can expect once you move over there. If you stay with us, our reliable Manhattan movers will remind you about important things to know about this transition. Not only we will be there to provide you with outstanding moving services, but also we will prepare you for living on Staten Island. As summertime is ideal for conducting your plans for the move, let’s prepare for moving from Manhattan to Staten Island. This could be one of your best decisions ever!

Benefits of moving from Manhattan to Staten Island

Moving is connected to our need to improve the quality of our life. For many people, relocating from Manhattan to Staten Island presents a chance to make their life better. One of the first things you should know about Staten Island is an opportunity to increase your income. There is no doubt, this NYC borough allows you to significantly increase your income. This means enjoying a better standard of living will be possible once you relocate to Staten Island. Consequently, if you want to have more financial freedom, our Staten Island movers advise you to move to Staten Island.

Meet new colegues after moving from Manhattan to Staten Island
Take a new job opportunity after moving from Manhattan to Staten Island.

In case you did not know, Staten Island is one of the five famous boroughs in entire New York. Although Bigg Apple is one of the most desirable places in the world, most people can’t afford to live in certain areas in NY. However, Staten Island is cheaper than other boroughs in New York City. You will not have to spend a fortune to get a decent apartment for yourself and your family. Staten Island can be an ideal solution for anyone who wants to cut their costs. Moving from Manhattan to Staten Island will help you save a lot of money in the long run. It will be easier for you to get a bigger apartment in Staten Island than in Manhattan for the same price. So, prepare your moving budget and start planning your move.

Get ready for moving from Manhattan to Staten Island

Moving from Manhattan to Staten Island is a transition from an urban to suburban area within New York. If you need a break from a fast and urban lifestyle and want to have more time for yourself, this decision is right for you. There is no doubt, life in Manhattan is not for every person. Many people just want to slow down and avoid crowded and noisy places. If you are among them, life on Staten Island will fit your needs. Hiring one of the finest moving companies NYC will take you away from the hustle and bustle to normal city life.

Before we remind you of other important facts about Staten Island, we want to remind you to start your moving preparations on time. Although it will be enough to hire local movers NYC¬† to perform moving from Manhattan to Staten Island, don’t wait for the last moment. One thing is for sure, you will love all about Staten Island. It is not going to be so hard to adjust to the new lifestyle you wanted for a long time. Anyway, even a local move can cause you a headache, especially if you need to move suddenly. For that reason, start early and give yourself enough time to prepare for the big day. This way, you can enjoy every stage of your moving process. That will help you stay excited and happy about your fresh start on Staten Island.

This is the right step for every family

Living in a small Manhattan apartment with family is far away from perfect. Although you are close to your job, this has many downsides. Luckily, when you decide to relocate to Staten Island, you can finally get a large apartment while staying on a budget. Besides, that will not be the only thing that will help you improve your lifestyle. Living on Staten Island has many other advantages. Staten Island is well-known as a family-oriented borough of New York.

Family in New York
This is a good step for your family.

Whether you plan to raise or start a family, Staten Island will be the right place for you. This place is a paradise for families. Here you will find excellent schools for your children to attend. Staten Island offers many job opportunities for you. The variety of employment opportunities is another great reason why Staten Island is a great choice for families and adults alike. Also, plenty of outdoor and a variety of indoor activities are waiting on you here. Swimming pools in recreation centers, beautiful parks to visit, here you will find all you need for perfect family life.

Commuting is much different after moving from Manhattan to Staten island

What you should know when it comes to commuting to Manhattan is that it can be difficult sometimes. Traffic in Staten Island is different than in Manhattan. On one hand, you can forget about using buses, subways, cabs like you used to in Manhattan. You will avoid tough time parking and driving after moving from Manhattan to Staten Island. On the other hand, you will have to use the free Staten Island Ferry to Manhattan. Hope you will enjoy this great, free transportation option. Another great advantage of Staten Island is more parking spaces. That means you can own a car again. If you are a car lover you can see this as an upside, for sure.

Staten Island Ferry
Enjoy your riding a ferry.

Make your dreams come true

You don’t need to move across the country to escape from the bustling Manhattan lifestyle. Staten Island is near your current home and easy to get to. This will be an ideal way to finally change your routine. Even if it sounds complicated, moving from Manhattan to Staten Island will be an amazing experience. All you need to do is to contact our reliable movers and appoint your moving date.


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