What to expect when moving from NYC to California

Are you planning on moving from NYC to California? There are substantial differences between the Big Apple and most cities or towns in the Golden State. Don’t forget that NYC is a metropolis and there are few places in Cali that can even come close to rivaling it in size (besides possibly LA). But, all of the rush and congestion is probably one of the reasons you are moving, so the change is a positive factorNew York movers will get you to your desired location safely, but you should be prepared for the differences. So, here is what to expect when moving from New York City to California.

A few pre-move tips

Before you schedule your move to California, here are a few tips that will make your relocation easier and cheaper. First, the cost of the move will vary based on many factors, but the three major ones are the distance, the size, and the season. You obviously can’t do anything about the distance. But, you can affect the size. When interstate moving companies NYC calculate the cost, the size plays a significant part. Most people have a lot of items they don’t use but still take with them wherever they go. Don’t do that. Organize a yard sale, donate items, or just throw them away. You’ll be able to save a lot of money by downsizing, especially for long-distance moves.

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Before moving from NYC to California, you should have a master plan in place to make the process more efficient.

Then, we get to the time of the move. Like most industries, seasonality is important to the cost of a move. And summer is the peak season. So, if your schedule allows you to organize the move for any season other than summer you’ll get off cheaper. Plus, if you hire Bronx movers well in advance, you can negotiate a lower price. Once you have a date set, don’t forget to give yourself enough time to prepare for moving day. You’ll have to take care of a lot of things, including packing. If you manage to dedicate a few weeks to the preparations, your move will be much less stressful. Now, let’s explain what you can expect when moving from NYC to California.

The climate

The first and most glaring difference between NYC and Cali is the climate. One of the main advantages of Cali weather is the sunshine. California has some of the most days of sunshine per year out of the entire U.S. So put your umbrella in the closet and get some sunglasses when moving from NYC to California. Of course, California is a large state, so the climate can vary from location to location. However, it is generally milder than NYC weather. If you are used to harsh winters and humid summers, Californian weather will be a definitive improvement. The summers are hot and dry, but the winters are not as cold. You can expect to ditch most of your warmest winter clothes. 

The culture

Of course, culture is largely a subjective thing. And as you’re coming from NYC, there’s not a lot you’re not used to. So, the culture in Cali won’t be as large a culture shock as if you were moving to New York. However, you may be a bit surprised by how more relaxed it is. People from NYC are known for always being in a rush. Comparatively, Californians are more laid back. And the attractions here won’t disappoint you. You’ll be able to practice any water-related hobby you can think of. California is also famous for its wines and has a well-developed wine culture. 

What to expect when moving from NYC to California
California is famous for its wines, so you’re in for a treat!

If wine is your thing, you’re in luck. You might not know it, but Chateau Montelena (a California wine) won the prestigious Judgement of Paris competition in 1973 in France and shocked the world. A bottle of the vintage is even displayed at the Smithsonian. And of course, we can’t mention the culture in Cali without mentioning Hollywood. There’s nothing that can be said about Hollywood here that hasn’t been said already, so we won’t get into it. The only thing we’ll say is that when from NYC to California you might be surprised by how the film industry affects the everyday culture.

The financial aspects

Finally, we get to the financial aspects of living in California. Unfortunately, you likely won’t feel much of a change from living in NYC if you move to one of the bigger cities. That being said, prices of real estate and everyday living can vary drastically based on location. So, if you choose to live in one of the smaller towns, you’ll probably be in a better position. The same goes for the taxes – they are more or less comparable in NYC and California. California might be an expensive place to live in, but it has its positives. One of them being a strong economy. The tech industry, with Silicon Valley being its main representative, gives California a significant economic boost. And the other branches of industry don’t lag behind. In total, California consistently ranks the highest in GDP out of all U.S. states.

A woman holding 100 dollar bills.
As far as finances go, California is in a lot of ways similar to NYC.

Some parting comments

We understand that coming from NYC, you’re used to a certain type of living. After all, it is one of the most famous cities in the world with a spirit that can’t be matched. But moving from NYC to California doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice anything. Yes, things will be different, but that doesn’t mean worse. You will quickly get used to culture and way of doing things. And we guarantee you’ll fall in love. The sights, the sounds, the culture and the people will leave a lasting impression on you. So, start packing your bags and good luck on your new journey!

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