What to expect when moving from NYC to Stamford CT

Although NYC is an ideal place to live, many families consider relocation options in some period of their life. It is because the vibrant New York sometimes can be too noisy and chaotic to live in. Luckily, suburbs are making a great comeback in the last few years. Many young professionals and families decide to leave NYC and start fresh from another place. If you are among them, the upcoming transition can be stressful for you at the first moment. If you decide to move to Stamford, CT you are in the right place. We are one of the finest moving companies in Stamford CT and will be glad to help you when moving from NYC to Stamford CT. After reading this article you will know what to expect when moving to Stamford from NYC. We will remind you what to pay attention to and get through your move trouble-free.

Prepare for moving from NYC to Stamford CT

When you finally decide to move from NYC to Stamford, there will be a lot of jobs to do in the next period. Although you will not have to cross more than 40 miles to get to your new home in Stamford, you will have to do thorough moving preparations. For many singles and families moving to another state present a huge change. For that reason, they want to be prepared once the day for moving comes. It is not easy to get used to the new surroundings and meet a new neighborhood while busy with many moving tasks. One of the best ways to simplify your moving preparations is to hire reliable movers. However, for many people hiring movers sound too expensive. Luckily, it is not the case if you cooperating with our Tik Tok Moving and Storage experts.

Woman planning moving from NYC to Stamford CT
Write down your plans for moving from NYC to Stamford CT.

Get professional help when moving from NYC to Stamford CT

Even if you want to do all the job by yourself just to save money on hiring professional moving help, our company will make you change your mind. All our moving services are available for you at competitive rates. Hiring our Westchester movers is a perfect opportunity to prepare for the moving day quickly and efficiently, without spending a fortune. We will be there for you at every step of your move and help you pack, load and transport all your items. So, make sure to find a new home in Stamford as quickly as possible and start your moving preparations.

Is Stamford a good place to move to?

When you know you have our residential movers NYC by your side, you will organize your move in no time. All you have to do is appoint your moving date after you find a new house or apartment in Stamford. If you are still wondering is Stamford a good place for you and your family, hope you will find your answers below.

One of the most popular options for those who leaving NYC is Stamford CT. This place offers an urban-suburban landscape in relative proximity to the city. You probably know Connecticut is famous for its excellent higher education options and historic architecture. Besides, CT is known for its relaxed way of life, especially compared to NYC. Stamford can be an ideal shelter for all those who want to escape from living in a large New York. Although it is not the largest city in CT, Stamford is the third-largest city with a population of around 129,000.

If you ask residents of Stamford, they will tell you this is a wonderful and highly coveted place to live. The city is located on the Long Island Sound which means that its residents may enjoy year-long beautiful sea views and crisp ocean breezes. Although Stamford is a city, the area where it is settled offers a more residential atmosphere and lifestyle. Stamford is definitely not the city that never sleeps. Nonetheless, life in Stamford is not boring at all. Here you will enjoy shopping, restaurants, coffee shops and more. On the other hand, Stamford will offer you total suburban bliss including big detached houses, two-car garages, manicured front lawns.

Woman calculating budget
Plan your budget before the move.

Is it expensive to live in Stamford?

Many recent studies say Connecticut is the richest state in the United States. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of poverty and income inequality in the state of Connecticut. You should be prepared for the high costs of real estate, utilities, groceries, restaurants, and healthcare costs once you decide to move to CT. When it comes to taxes Connecticut is still cheaper than New York state taxes.

Is Stamford safe to live in?

Stamford is one of the safest areas in the country, even though some areas of Stamford are safer than others. Shippan, Palmers Hill, Westover, and North Stamford are the safest areas of Stamford. In general, Stamford has a lower crime rate than the nationwide average. So, be free to hire our packing services NYC and start your moving process. Soon you will become a happy Stamford resident.

Stamford offers a lot to its residents

One of the best advantages of Stamford is its convenient location and transportation options. This place is well connected to New York City, via the Metro-North and Amtrak train stations. After you become a Stamford resident you can count on easy access to Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and all other parts of the city that never sleeps. It will take less than an hour to get to Grand Central station. Use public transportation services and avoid bad rush hour traffic.

Get ready for a great life in CT.

When it comes to the economy Stamford has a bustling economy with tons of good-paying job opportunities. Almost a quarter of its residents speaking fluent Spanish, which means this city is bi-lingual. You will love the weather in Stamford for sure. It is a lively place during the summer but also very fun during the winter due to its seasonal climate. For all these reasons you will not regret your decision on moving from NYC to Stamford CT. Wish you have an ideal fresh start after the move to amazing Stamford!



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