What to know about moving insurance?

We all want to be safe when relocating home. It is a tiresome and time-consuming process where you must organize in such a way to keep your belongings and your family safe. But what if you did everything you could and still something bad happens along the way? In those situations, you should have moving insurance in place. So, if you are moving to Queens and you want to have a safe relocation on your hands, you came to the right place. Let us explain how you can benefit from purchasing insurance.

Moving insurance basics

First, you must know that you can purchase moving insurance from your movers NYC or from the insurance company. And there is a big difference between the two. Your movers will offer partial coverage and reimburse for damages within liability limits. Also, you must know that each company offers a different kind of moving insurance. To put it mildly, it is the level of responsibility they want to take. Smart moving companies won’t move items they can’t pay if damage occurs. While others will reimburse a flat 50% for any damage. There are many variations and you should check with your movers first, before signing a moving contract. But if you want full coverage, simply purchase it from the insurance company specifically for this occasion.

Three people discussing moving insurance
Moving company or the insurance company. Which one is better for you?

How to realize if you need moving insurance at all?

It is quite simple. One reason is if you want to add another layer of protection to your moving plan. The other is the fact that you possess extremely valuable pieces and you need to secure them somehow. Yes, your movers will use the proper tools and equipment to relocate safely. But there is always a chance for an unfortunate event along the way. If you do not want to risk on any level, purchase your insurance and sleep tight.

What are your options?

As we said, options vary from company to company. But you should at least know what is most commonly offered and used. These are a few options you might encounter:

  • Basic coverage – It is the insurance you’ll get without asking. Simply put, if your movers break something, they will pay for it. Although keep in mind they won’t reimburse the full value of the items but the percentage agreed upon before signing a moving contract.
  • Partial coverage – Some items are covered and some not. Basically, you will make a list and flag those items that should be treated with special care. And if any of those items are damaged, you’ll be reimbursed in full. This is negotiated with movers and agreed upon beforehand.
  • Full coverage – Moving companies rarely offer this one. If you want every single box and piece of furniture to be 100% covered, you should purchase insurance from a legit insurance company.
A woman holding an umbrella
You can choose from basic, partial, and a full-coverage!

This includes most of the moving services such as relocating, shipping, and packing. For example, if you prepare your car for moving but your company is shipping, both parties take the responsibility. But if you let your movers handle the complete process, they are responsible for the outcome. Keep that in mind while choosing the moving service you like.

Choose the insurance you like and get moving!

All in all, movers usually offer a 50% reimbursement margin. This means they will pay half of the amount of the item’s market value. And this is probably the best deal you can get. Some companies pay even less while others do not offer moving insurance at all. Therefore, choose your company wisely. Do proper research and find yourself an affordable and reliable moving company.

Now you know a bit more about moving insurance. Just make sure to be clear when communicating with movers on this topic. Inspect your cargo before and after the move so you know that everything is in order. It will minimize the chance for damages for sure. And if something happens, remember that you have up to 90 days to make claims against movers. Therefore, inspect your cargo upon the delivery and make sure everything is in order. Hopefully, you won’t need the insurance at all. Good luck!

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