Where to donate your stuff before moving

Moving day is getting close and you still haven’t decided what to do with all the stuff that you don’t really need anymore. You haven’t used some of your items for a while and you don’t really know where to put them. Throwing them away is not an option and you just can’t make up your mind? That is just fine since there are many organizations and places that will take your belongings and donate them so you know they won’t go to waste. These might be the best places to donate your stuff before moving.

Many reasons to donate your stuff before moving

Once you decided to move, you decided that you have more stuff that you need. This one of the most common reasons people donate to charities. It is a great reason for sure, and you will be able to help someone easily. There are people who just decide to refurnish their home so they donate all of their old furniture and buy a new one. If you are moving and would like to save some money, you should get the best and most affordable Long Island City moving company. Getting rid of some of your belongings is a great way to do it since you can save some money if your load is lighter.

donate your stuff before moving- hands with change and a paper that says- make a change
Donating will make you feel great and it is useful for you as well

So many charities that you don’t have to worry about donating

When it comes to the places that you can donate your stuff before moving, you will have no trouble finding them. Donating your belongings is not going to be the problem since there is an organization for almost every type of item you want to donate. There are some items that the charities will not accept, like clothes that are ripped, stained and have an unpleasant odor, damaged furniture, and alike, but you should still contact each charity organization and ask what are the items that would not accept since they are not the same for everyone. In case you are not sure you want to donate some of these belongings, you can get the best storage NYC has for you. Some of the best-known organizations you can donate your stuff before moving are:

  • Goodwill, that is a great place to donate your stuff before moving
  • Dress for success
  • Bridge for success
  • Habitat for Humanity Restore
  • Amvets
  • Local Libraries
  • Books for America
  • Food banks
  • Baby2baby
  • Toys for tots
  • Salvation army
  • Purple Heart Service foundation
  • The Dreaming Zebra

Pretty much all of the items you want to donate have an organization that accepts them. This means you are going to have to call every organization separately and ask if they take the stuff that you are donating. It might take a little effort but it will be worth it once you help somebody.

Where should you donate your furniture?

Donating your furniture is a great idea and you are going to feel great about it. You will declutter, make room for new furniture and help a person in need. There are a few charities that will accept furniture donations. It is up to you to choose who you want to donate your stuff to before moving. Remember, when it comes to international moving, the best and most affordable international movers will not be enough to save you money. You will have to declutter as well.

donate your stuff before moving- a green couch
There are many charities that accept furniture, like couches

Habitat for Humanity Restore is one of the places you can donate your stuff before moving

This is an international charity organization, accepting all kinds of stuff, including furniture. You should really consider them for donating yours.


This is another organization that will accept all kinds of stuff, furniture included. They help people all over the world in crisis.


When it comes to donating clothes, there are some limitations. First of all, the clothes that look worn out will not be accepted. Clothes must not contain stains, rips, and must not have unpleasant odors. But many people need clothes all the time and there are places you can donate it.

Dress for success

Ever had an interview for a job but couldn’t find something to wear? You might be among the lucky ones that have not, but there are many people out there who have. This is an organization that accepts business clothing and gives them to the people in need.

Bridge for success

This is another organization that accepts clothes and gives them to the people in need. They focus on business clothes as well. There are many organizations accepting all kinds of clothes.

clothes on the hangers
Charities will accept your clothes but it has to look unused

Amvets – donate to the women who survived domestic violence

Amvets takes care of women in need. You can donate clothing, personal hygiene items and everything else the women might need.


If you are looking for a way to make your bookshelves a bit lighter, you should donate to the Books for America or simply go to your local library and ask if they are accepting the books you have. This is a great way to help your local community.


There are many food banks and goodwill also takes food. You can collect all your canned food and other food that has not been used and give it away to these organizations.

Toys and kids clothes

Children are the most vulnerable parts of every community so you are doing the best possible work if you help them out. Organizations like Baby2baby and Toysfortots will take children’s clothing, books, toys, high chairs, swings, and everything else a child might need.

`you should always consider donating toys so you can make the day better for kids in need

Cars and other vehicles

In case you wondered, yes, you can donate your vehicle. The Salvation Army and Purple Heart Service Foundation will gladly accept your vehicle.

Musical instruments

When it comes to donating your musical instruments, organizations like The Dreaming Zebra and Mr. Hollands Opus Foundation will take them off you. In case you are donating a piano, you might need the piano moving service, but it will be worth it. Giving the kids a chance to learn to play this amazing instrument is enough.

Deciding to donate your belongings is great and you will not regret it. Helping a person in need is not the only benefit of decluttering, and you should definitely do it. Just make sure that the charity that you are donating to is accepting the items you are donating. And, when you donate your stuff before moving, you will feel great.

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