Why do seniors move to the Bronx

Relocation can be a hard process on its own. However, before you are ready to call your moving company you need to find a new home. Searching for a new neighborhood can be stressful because you need to find one that suits your needs the best. If you are a senior looking for the best place to relocate, Bronx should be one you should definitely look for. There are many reasons why seniors move to the Bronx. Our moving company prepared the list of reasons why you should choose the Bronx to be your new home. If you are interested to read more, keep on reading. Without any further ado, let us get started.

Why do seniors move to the Bronx?

If you wish to live in a peaceful part of New York City Bronx might be the best you can find. Affordable housing and a peaceful atmosphere are perfect for people who are looking to retire in NYC. This lovely part of NYC is something you should consider as your new home. However, before you can hire the best Bronx movers you should find the perfect home. Here are some neighborhoods you should definitely check out: 

Stairs in the Bronx
The Bronx has some amazing neighborhoods
  • Riverdale – This Bronx neighborhood offers a suburban feeling without leaving the city. It is a mixture of houses with big yards and residential buildings. With a lot of od coffee shops, restaurants, and parks it is one of the main reasons why seniors move to the Bronx. You will enjoy it and your grandkids will be more than happy to spend the summer there. 
  • Spuyten Duyvil – Perfect for people who want to avoid a busy city and have peaceful and quiet evenings. With a lot of public parks, you will have a feeling you are living far from NYC. 
  • Co-op City – As the name says this is a small city within the Bronx. You will have everything you need here and we can assure you will love living there. 

Moreover, if you decide to move to any of the Bronx neighborhoods keep in mind that they have the best senior service in NYC.

How to move to the Bronx as a senior?

Once you have your new home, you can start with the moving process. However, moving can be hard and for that reason, we advise you to make a good plan. If you have a good plan and a great moving company by your side you won’t have any issues with your move. Therefore, we advise you to search for the best long-distance moving companies NYC has to offer. In order to do that you should read reviews and ask your family member to suggest you one. Working with reliable movers is key to a successful relocation. 

If you have already found a moving company to assist you with your relocation you can proceed with the second phase of the relocation process. This phase includes all of the packing and organizing. You should definitely bring only belongings you are going to use in the future. The best way to do that is to organize a garage sale and donate all items you are keeping in your garage to use someday. If you forgot you have it that means you don’t need it.  

A house
Find a really amazing home

How to pack for relocation? 

When it comes to packing you will need a lot of moving boxes and time. We would recommend hiring professional packers especially if you are planning to pack and move fragile plants long distance. The same goes for other fragile items in your home. Professionals are the best for these types of items. They know how to properly protect them and pack for transportation. All you need to do is to contact your moving company and ask them do they offer the packing services. 

Yet another thing, if you have a good packing expert by your side you can learn a thing or two about packing and organizing. They can also help you unpack once you arrive at your new home. Being senior you should ask for help with moving those heavy boxes. However, keep in mind that you should start packing in advance. You should always start with packing items that you are not going to use for the next few days. For example, we advise you to start with packing your clothes especially ones you are not going to wear in near future.

What to do in the Bronx after relocation? 

Once your movers NYC deliver your belongings to your new home address and you are unpacked what are the things you can do in Bronx as a senior? Moreover, this is going to be your last stage of relocation. We advise you to meet neighbors and ask them to suggest to you the best restaurant in the area. Having a nice meal will be the perfect way to reward yourself for moving and starting a new chapter of your life. Yet another thing, you should also join some senior clubs in your area. That is an amazing way to make new friends and to build a support system in the new city.

A senior speaking on the phone
Contact an expert moving company

Being a senior means you have all the time to enjoy yourself and we advise you to do what you love. You can also start a book or chess club and take walks with your neighbors at the nearby park. The Bronx is a place with a lot of opportunities for senior citizens. And we can assure you will enjoy your life there. 

Why do seniors move to the Bronx – conclusion?

We hope this article helps you understand why do seniors move to the Bronx. We can promise you that if you choose the Bronx as the place to relocate you won’t regret it. If you have any questions about the moving process feel free to contact us or your moving company. Have fun with your relocation and good luck!


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